Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #14-Happy Thanksgiving

We are trying to get ready to make the 6 hour drive to see my husband’s family for Thanksgiving. It looks like the weather will be nice for our travels. I guess the good thing about traveling is that you’re off the hook for cooking. I am really looking forward to a little break. There is tons to say today, so I’ll get right to it.

I have had so many breakthroughs since I started blogging. It’s kind of like I was close, but couldn’t really make that last step. I am proud to say that Jake from I Heart Budgets has been generous enough to put our numbers into a Flippin’ Sweet budget. I can cross that off my list. I’ll probably do a whole post about it, but for those of you are nosy curious about our income/expenses, it’s all in black and white for the world to see. Terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time.

There seem to be a truckload of giveaways right now, including the one I’m co-hosting for $100.

Mandy is giving away the coolest handmade necklace with a great background story.

Also, you can still Enter Jason’s or Michelle’s giveaways for a mini iPad!

Not really a giveaway but great idea from Glen at Monster Piggy Bank giving you an Opportunity to Earn Money on Your Blog.


Is it just me or do the search terms just keep getting funnier the longer you do this? I can’t believe some of these.

i got lasik done while breastfeeding i was fine-Is that in direct response to my advice against that?

30,000 things-That’s pretty broad. You might want to narrow it down a bit.

boo! betcha i scared you ha! ha! (halloween) essay-I’m certainly scared.

can you have a lasik surgery done in one day in korea-If it takes more than a day, I would seriously reconsider.

can’t take it blog-I’m sure there’s one out there

has anybody ever told about losing 30000 debts?-Maybe the guy looking for 30,000 things is searching for them.

how can be lost the things in the house-Maybe try decluttering?

i am scared of logs– I guess you live in a mud hut then?

i made 5000 on my yard sale– That must have been one heck of a sale. Can I get you to do a guest post?

i’m terrified of things I never was before– Maybe need a bit of therapy there, dude?

spend recklessly not value money-Don’t do it. You’ll regret it for sure.


I am so grateful for the following blogs who shared my posts this week. I am thankful for you guys.

Mr. CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks, Nov 16, 2012 at Canadian Budget Binder

Frugal Friday: Posts That Ruled This Week, Thanksgiving is NEXT Week Edition ?! at Frugal Rules

MPB-Pool Room Posts #4 at Monster Piggy Bank

Friday Recap, a boatride, and a giveaway at Reach Financial Independence

Thank You-Link Luv Friday at Pelican on Money

Personal Finance Week in Review #38 at Work Save Live

Mid November 2012 Favorite Blog Posts at Modest Money

Dreams, Investment Houses and Creating Books at Fix Em Up Rent Em Out

How Much Do People Really Do Airport Shopping at My Money Design?

Finance Fox Weekend Recap-Best of Financial Literacy Month

And I Coudn’t Take My Eyes Off These Posts:

A Stolen Piano, and Other Robberies. How to be Safe While Traveling. I love this guest post by Pauline for Daily Money Shot. Hang on to those pianos everyone!

Meet Me: Average Joe at The Free Financial Advisor. I just knew A. Joe was much more than average, and I was right. He’s a superstar!

Is Black Friday All It’s Cracked up to Be? at Frugal Rules. Mommies fighting over toys and people getting maced, no way!

Avoiding Blog Comment Trackback Spam at Modest Money. Jeremy is back with his helpful series, and who doesn’t want to look at pictures of SPAM, the food (or is it?). I had no idea there were that many varieties.

My Best Financial Tip from Mr. CBB. Can you guess what it might be?

Why You Shouldn’t Start a Business with a Buddy by Martin for One Smart Dollar. I feel the same way about starting a business with family member. There are just too many things that could go wrong, and then you have to have Thanksgiving dinner with them every year.

The Cost of Dog Ownership at Young Adult Money. Planning is part of being a responsible pet owner.

Waking Up Early on Black Friday? No Thanks at Pelican on Money. Says it all doesn’t it?

I am a Cheap Ass Santa at Club Thrifty. Yes, a $200 electronic for a three year old is a bit crazy.

Common Reasons Why People Complain About Money at The Frugal Path. If people would spend as much time making or saving money as they do complaining about it, we’d all be in better shape.

5 Steps to Get Your House Ready to Rent at Fix Em Up Rent Em Out. Ah, I wish we’d kept our first house as a rental!

8 Amazing Ways to Save on Car Insurance at Finance Fox. I am well beyond the student discount, but some useful ideas here.

Black Friday Shopping Tips-Preparing to Get the Best Deals at My Money Design. I am getting the best deal by staying away.

Have a great weekend!

Are you going out for Black Friday? Are you bringing weapons?


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Snipon is owned and run by a small team who love to find deals on a dime along with the best sweepstakes and giveaways out there. We’re always scrolling the internet for the latest offers to share them with our community. Sign up for our weekly newsletter so you don’t miss another freebie!
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