Amazon Gift Card to Cash – 28 Effortless Ways to Cash Out

No more worries about collecting too many gift cards in your wallet. You can now find effortless methods to sell an Amazon gift card to cash at your disposal. You shouldn’t be surprised about the popularity of Amazon gift cards because Amazon is the BEST platform where you can find everything to anything you need. Nobody would be thinking twice about checking Amazon when they want to purchase something online. You can find books, shoes, groceries, pet food, electronics, and the list can go on. Thus, the reason for its popularity is pretty apparent.

Moreover, it is for people who are not willing to exert a lot of effort for gifts or too busy to spend time on gifts. They might just offer an Amazon gift card, but for you, it can be overwhelming. You might be worried about purchasing things for a $1000 worth gift card. However, you can end your worries because we have 28 effortless methods to redeem Amazon gift card for cash to share with you.

1. Reddit


You can find a subreddit section on Reddit. It is specialized for gift card exchanges so you can trade unnecessary cards for cash using PayPal. However, if you don’t have an account, then you must create one, and it is free. Once you have an account, you can write a post, including all the essential details of your card, so that some Redditors will reply to it.

2. Raise


Raise is the marketplace for discounted gift cards. You can use this platform to sell not only Amazon gift card to cash but also other digital cards. You just have to include your card’s serial number, and the platform will check the balance when it is sent live on the platform.

Pro tip- there is a high demand for Amazon gift cards on Raise platform, just visit and convert Amazon gift card to cash.

3. Card Pool


You can get paid for your Amazon cards, but payments will be through check. Card Pool also exchanges other gift cards for Amazon gift cards. So, the check amount will arrive within 5-1- days. United States Postal Service posts the checks.

4. Gift Card Granny

This site helps to exchange gift cards with other exchange sites. You just have to include the merchant name, i.e., Amazon, because you need cash for Amazon Gift Cards. Then, add the amount of your card, and the list will show the exchange sites that you can pick from.

Pro tip- This has a Google Chrome extension so that you can get real-time data related to the gift cards. (Remember, the cash offered might be little lower than selling directly because of the level of convenience in the extension)

5. Craigslist


Most people sell unnecessary gift cards on this site. However, you have to show that your gift card is legit. If not, you are unlikely to find a buyer. Even if you find a buyer, you should make sure to take payment in cash, as you can’t rely on a check given by a third party.

6. Gift Card Spread


Gift card Spread is another great option for a person who wants to get cash by selling gift cards. This is a straightforward site, so you don’t have to handle anything complicated. You just have to add the expected rate and other required details, with that, you are good to go. The company will not take more than 24 hours to reply.

Note: the money you receive will not be the full amount of the Amazon card.

7. Gameflip


Using Gameflip, you can not only get cash for Amazon gift cards but also other available cards that have no use. You can use the mobile application of the site or the direct website to include your card details. So, when getting paid, the one who purchased the Amazon card on Gameflip needs to enter the card code for redeeming, only then, you can get paid. Once this is done, your payment will be transferred to the Gameflip wallet, and then, you can withdraw it to your PayPal or bank account.


This is one of the best companies that market itself as the best exchanges for Amazon gift cards. Thus, it wouldn’t be a big deal for you to get cash for your Amazon gift cards. Basically, once you have entered all the details of your card, you will be matched with a relevant offer. If you are okay with the offer, there will be some other required details, such as claim code and payment details. Once that’s done, you can get your money to your PayPal account.

9. CardKangaroo

This is a safer place to exchange, sell, or buy gift cards. The entire process is pretty simple, so you can just add some information related to the card, and then you can find your matching offer. After the finalized offer, your payment will be sent to PayPal or by check.

10. GiftCardBin

This was once considered as a website that purchases cards and then sells it to the sellers. But now, it has stopped offering such services. Yet, you can find 400 stores of this company in North America where you can get cash by offering your Amazon gift cards. You need your valid ID when doing this transaction.

11. CardCash


Another excellent website to cash your card is CardCash. This site purchases gift cards at a lower rate than its normal rate and then sells it off to shoppers at a discount rate. Even if you don’t get the entire amount of the gift card, you will still secure around 92%. You can get an ACH deposit, PayPal payment, or a check after doing the transaction.

12. eBay

eBay is Amazon’s rival, so you cannot think of a better option when it comes to cashing your Amazon gift card. When you are dealing with eBay, you have to bear a selling and listing fee when posting your card for sale, but it is worth it.
Pro tip: you shouldn’t forget to add shipping and other additional costs when pricing the card. If not, you will not receive the profit anticipated.

13. Facebook


Facebook group is another great method to redeem Amazon gift cards to cash or convert amazon gift card to Visa. But then again, you need to be careful with scammers, when you are on this site. Or you can just add an attractive post to your Facebook followers, and if you are lucky, you might find a buyer.

14. Purse


Bitcoin became the headline of the town, and people started turning towards it in no time. One of the best places to start bitcoin is Purse. This helps to exchange your gift cards for bitcoin. The functioning is pretty easy so that you can maneuver it well.

15. Amazon Cardcash – CoinStar


This one has kiosks around the world, so you can easily get cash for gift cards and electronics. You have to find Kiosk using the location finder and insert your Amazon card to the machine. Then, find the amount and check whether it suits your demand. If yes, get paid instantly. This will not be suitable for an Amazon gift certificate as it doesn’t have a physical card.

16. Shopping with Amazon Payments

If you are struggling with how to turn Amazon gift card into cash or turn Amazon gift card into cash to buy stuff and if it is not available on, there is still an option. You can check other sites that allow Amazon payments so that you can purchase what you wanted.

17. Amazon Gift Cards for Bitcoin

Amazon Gift Cards for Bitcoin

Apart from Purse, there are other options, too. If you are interested in Bitcoin, it is good to know about these sites as well. So, the following sites will help you cash your Amazon gift cards and Certificates into bitcoins:


  • But after changing, if you don’t want Bitcoin, you can easily change them into cash. There are so many methods to do it.

18. Purchase things for family/ friends and receive cash

If you ask your family and friends, you will be able to find something they want to purchase. So once you find it, you can use your gift card to purchase the things needed and get that amount from your family and friends.

19. Gift it when you forget to buy or running late to select a gift

If you are a busy person, this might be helpful for you. Many people get carried away with work and forget to purchase a gift. In such a case, you can consider offering the Amazon gift cards, so instead of making it cash, you will be saving the money in your pocket. Moreover, last-minute shopping doesn’t sound good, right? It somehow makes you spend more than you intended.


As for their claim, sells gift cards that are not used, just in flat 37 minutes. Also, they boast about selling more than 700 brands last year. So as a seller, you need to add your card on this site. Even if the selling doesn’t happen in 37 minutes, it will not forever stay on the site because is popular for selling gift cards. Also, you can consider PayPal or Direct payment.


This site deals with more than 1300 famous brands of gift cards. If you want to cash your unused gift card, this is another great option to consider. If you are using this site, you can select one of these options to sell your card lower than its face value to get cash or to trade it for another gift card, which would be higher in value than your card. Once the transaction is completed, you can get your payment through a check or to your PayPal account in 24-48 hours.

22. Buy what you REALLY need

This is another cool idea to save the money in your pocket or the money you spend on groceries. As you know, Amazon sells almost everything so that you can find essential items as well. Therefore, you can save the gift cards to purchase such stuff so that the money you normally spend on such stuff can be saved. And you will not be wasting the gift card on unnecessary things.

23. Use the card and sell the stuff


This might not sound great for some, but if you are vigilant, you can pull a good deal out of this. So, in case your Amazon gift card has lowered in value, and so you are unable to find a good buyer. The best thing you should do is to purchase things that are high in demand using the gift card. And then, you can sell things at a better rate, so it’s a two-in-one benefit. You’ll be making a profit while not wasting your gift card.

24. Talk to Amazon and get cash

This is quite crazy because asking Amazon to pay cash for their gift cards doesn’t sound practical. But then, Amazon is highly considerate of their customers. If you have negotiation skill, this will work out. Also, if you are lucky, you might get cash in return.


Before you do anything, you must check the price the site will pay for your Amazon gift card. If you are happy with the rate mentioned, enter your card value, original value, and then click sell. After the transaction, you can get paid via check, Dwolla, or PayPal in 3-5 business days.

Note- If yours is a physical card, you might have to ship the card to MGC at your cost.


ss new4

If you use this website, you can get a great exchange for your card, and it can be in cash or other deals, the choice is yours. So to get this done, you have to enter the card details to find the price estimates. Then, based on the options provided, you can select the preferred price. Once the transaction is done, you can get paid via paper check or PayPal.


Lastly, this is another wonderful online marketplace for trading gift cards. Unused gift cards are sold off voraciously across the US and Canada, so you have a chance in this marketplace. You just have to share the gift card details with the, and they will list it on the site so that interested buyers will stream in. It is possible to get up to 92% from this market, and the payment will be done via PayPal credit or paper check.

28. Try offering a $400 Amazon Gift Card for $420 on social media accounts

You can do this within your closed circle. In fact, there are forums that you can upload Amazon gift cards at a better rate, which means you get not only cash but also a profit.


It’s a fact that Amazon will keep growing because of its excellent customer support. Therefore, it is no surprise they have offered and made ways to turn Amazon gift cards to cash. Anyway, hereafter, you wouldn’t be frustrated about getting Amazon gift cards because we have enlightened you with 28 effortless trips and tricks as Amazon gift card to cash converter!

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of

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Courtney Love is a bookworm who loves spending time at the beach. She enjoys bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of
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