4 Simple Ways To Save on Health Care

It seems that the cost of staying healthy goes up every year. Premiums increase, copays increase, and deductibles swell to unbearable levels. For anyone with a chronic condition, it can be incredibly stressful to stay on top of the medications, doctor visits, and other interventions needed to stay healthy while maintaining a good financial standing throughout life.

For that reason, it’s very important to utilize any tool you can find to get these costs under control. You may not be able to anything about some of them, but you can do enough to be worth the effort.

Find Cheaper Sources Of Meds

Medication is very important to our health. Whether it’s prescribed for a short-term illness or a chronic condition, we must be able to pay for the medicines we need. The good news is that many products are generic, cutting costs right off the bat.

But it doesn’t end there. You can also save a lot of money just by choosing a different place to buy your medications. Don’t assume they are all the same; they are not!

There are a number of other sources of drugs that can get you the very same product at a much lower price, and often with free delivery to your home. Before you automatically buy at your same old pharmacy, spend some time checking the Adderall XR price to see if you can get a better deal. Chances are that you can.

Shop Around For Your Coverage

Many people take a passive role in open enrollment each year. They figure it’s easiest just to keep the same thing and adjust for the increase in premium. But that may cause you to miss other changes that could benefit you.

Provider networks are a good example. You may have chosen one plan years ago because your doctor wasn’t covered in the other one. In time, the other plan may end up adding your doctor, and its overall structure could be more suitable for you. If you don’t review your plan options each year, you may never notice the change.

For married people, it can be very helpful to check each other’s plans during their respective open enrollment periods. It’s typically cheaper to cover yourself with your own policy rather than your spouse’s, but the kids may be a different story. One of the plans will probably be better in terms of premiums and coverage for them, so compare them side by side to be absolutely sure which option is best.

Eliminate The Need For Meds

The only thing better than getting medicine cheap is not needing it. Good handwashing will do a lot to help you avoid illness, and getting the flu shot each year is a good choice too. In the longer term, think about your diet and exercise. Extra weight can trigger lots of health issues that will require expensive medication, so if you get in shape, you can avoid those problems.

Of course, there are situations where this is impossible. ADHD isn’t going away no matter what you do, so of course you should make every effort to save on it instead of trying to do without it. Conditions like food allergies can’t be reversed either, and oftentimes there is such a strong genetic role in hypertension and high cholesterol that nothing you do can get rid of it.

But there’s no doubt that certain sick spells and chronic conditions can be prevented with good judgment and self-discipline, so invest those things in your bottom line to keep from spending so much money to reverse problems you could have prevented.

Stay Home When You Can

We all get a sniffle here and there, but not every cold calls for a doctor visit. In fact, such a trip can backfire. Not only are you out a copay and possibly some medication costs, you’ve also spent a couple hours in the same place as a bunch of other sick people. Your runny nose could expose you to a stomach virus.

Of course, your standard should be a little more liberal with your children. Fevers can signal a serious illness that needs immediate treatment, so it’s better to get to the doctor with them. If you’re at the pediatrician for a wellness visit or for immunizations, ask the staff is there is a separate waiting area for kids who aren’t sick.

Health care can be very expensive, but it’s much worse when we are passive about it. Stay alert for opportunities to lower costs and you’ll find them.

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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of Snipon.com.

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