In The Summer I Spend the Most Money on Vacations-$480 Giveaway

july_giveawayMany of my regular readers already know that I love to travel. I grew up in a family that never wanted to go much further than the grocery store. I’m not sure where the bug came from, but I’ve always tried to take every opportunity to travel and take vacations. When you have a kid in school and are married to a teacher, summer is the optimum time to take a trip. I would certainly say we spend the most money in the summer on vacations.

Now, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to take a trip. Pauline at Reach Financial Independence has some great suggestions on how to travel cheaply, but part of the fun for us is staying in nicer places that have amenities like included breakfasts and a pool! While there really is no way to get around paying for some things during a vacation unless you get free trips with credit card reward points, there are a couple of things you can do to be prepared so that you won’t end up blowing the budget on unexpected travel expenses.

Pack Light– Especially if you are flying, it can save lots of money to pack lightly. With baggage fees on the rise, it makes sense to carry on what you can. If your lodging includes laundry facilities, it’s much cheaper to wash as you go. I try to pack small amounts of detergent so that I don’t have to buy it at the hotel. They even make bathtub friendly packets if there is no washer where you are staying. It also is much easier to get around and take public transportation without a heavy suitcase.

Bring Some Medicine– If you are like us, you might indulge a bit on vacation by sampling foods you might not normally eat. You also might drink a few more cocktails or forget to drink enough water. There is nothing worse than being in an unfamiliar place and having to look for things like antacids or ibuprofen. You should have seen me trying to tell the pharmacist in Venice about my symptoms after I came down with a nasty head cold while on vacation.  I’m sure it could have made the funniest videos reel. Buying from the hotel gift shop is also about three times the price of what you would pay at home. It takes almost no time or space to pack a small bag with things you might need. I’ve also found that if we are prepared, we almost never get sick!

There are many more tips for spending less on vacation, even if you don’t always like to go the cheapest route. One great way is to win some free money! Sicorra from Tackling Our Debt and David from Young Adult Money gathered myself and some other bloggers to offer this great prize to help subsidize your summer spending or saving.

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