5 Unique Side Hustles for Those that Live in Rural Areas

5 Unique Side Hustles for Those that Live in Rural Areas

When you live in a small town, you may not be able to do all of the side hustles that people in larger, more populated cities have available to them. For instance, there is no Uber service available in my hometown in Kansas. It’s with good reason though. Even if I could sign up to drive with Uber, I wouldn’t want to as it wouldn’t be very profitable in a town with population 7,000.

But rural living isn’t all bad. It comes with some perks of it’s own, and even some possibilities for side hustles that may not be available for city dwellers.

Here are 5 unique side hustles for rural areas you could try if you live in a small town or in the country and need a little extra money for your monthly budget.

Start a Farm Staycation

Do you have a farm and need a little extra cash? With the right setup you could turn your farmstead into a way to earn extra money besides with the regular farm products you produce and sell.

If your farm is well kept in appearance, you could advertise it as a day excursion. It might seem fun for city folks to milk cows, gather eggs, ride horses, or help with and observe any number of other farm chores for those who would love to try their hand at it for a day. For us it’s just work, but for them it could be an eye-opening experience.

Create a Country B&B

Do you have a nice, large home with empty rooms that are not being utilized? Turn those rooms into a place for others to stay.

Advertise your house as a country style bed and breakfast. Give boarders an opportunity to relax on the porch and watch the fireflies or gaze at the starts at night. Fix farm fresh eggs and bacon for breakfast, or sausage and homemade biscuits and gravy to start your guest’s day out right.

Host a Summer Camp

If you think you have the right set up, you could turn your extra space into a great summer camp location. Depending on the weather in your area, you might even be able to run it year round instead of only during the late spring, summer, and early fall seasons. You could use your space to host outdoor activities like archery, horseback riding, and more. It could also serve as a place for team-building exercises for corporations’ employees.

Find a Job as a Farm Worker

If you have the time and knowledge, you can easily find work as a farm hand.

Advertise to work for other farmers in the area who might be looking for experienced help to run their farms. Not everyone can drive farm equipment or work with livestock, but if you have knowledge in these areas you might be able to put it to work and earn some extra cash.

Create an Attraction

Many people have heard of the Roloff family from Oregon. The reality show about their lives began more than ten years ago and made them famous, but you could take a page out of their book to generate some extra cash as a side hustle. Set up a corn maze in the fall or some other farm attraction. Get extra help from family or friends and advertise the event. If you run it right, it could turn into a very profitable side venture as well as a lot of fun.

As you can see, with some brainstorming and planning, you really can start a unique side hustle in a rural area. Just take a look around you and put what you already have to work for you.

Do you know of other unique side hustles that might be available in a rural area?

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  1. We have lived in a rural area for years. Now that we have this big empty house, the thought has crossed our minds about trying something like airbnb, just to see if we are cut out for the hospitality business.

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