6 Best Reasonably Priced Wedding Gifts

6 Best Reasonably Priced Wedding Gifts

Shockingly, the average price of attending a wedding in 2015 was almost $700. That doesn’t even take into account the extra costs that can come when you are in the wedding party as a bridesmaid or groomsman. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a lot of money to spend for someone else’s big day.

If you will be attending a wedding anytime soon and are looking for a way to fit the costs of going into your budget, you may have to make some compromises to reduce costs. One way is by purchasing an affordable wedding gift.

When buying a wedding gift, it’s not only the cost of the gift that’s important in showing how much you care for the newlyweds. There are some very thoughtful and well-appreciated gifts that can help you stay on budget.

1 Monogramed Linens

Nice towels can be stepped up a notch from ordinary to extraordinary with monograming and still be a gift that won’t break the bank. Some stores offer this at an additional, but reasonable, price when you purchase the linens from their store. Or if you are crafty, you may be able to add the monogram yourself as a DIY project.

2 Spirits

If you know the couples’ favorite wine, buy a bottle and include a nice bottle opener. Or, purchase a set of charms to go with a nice set of monogramed wine glasses. You should be able to pick either of these options for under $50.

3 Gift Basket

Wrap up a pretty basket filled with items and a recipe to create a meal for a date night in. To up the romanticism, include candles, a candle holder, and a small box of chocolates. This is a great way to give a reasonably priced, and fun gift to busy newlyweds.

4 Make it Yourself

When you’re really crafty at something, this can be a great way to honor the bride and groom with an inexpensive but thoughtful gift. For instance, if you sew, make them his and hers pillowcases. Or, if your specialty is pottery you could create a one of a kind candy dish or vase. The possibilities are endless and can be treasured for many years to come by the new couple.

5 Create a Cookbook

Creating a cookbook is a great way to help a young couple get started on their new lives together and still stay within your budget. Include a few family recipes they can’t get anywhere else and leave room to add to the book in their future years together. Put a photo of them on the front or a monogram to make it extra special and personal.

6 Gift Card to Their Favorite Restaurant

If you know one of their favorite places to eat, give them a gift card to that restaurant. Gift cards may seem impersonal to some, but you can stay in your budget and, when you know them well, still get the couple something they will want, use and appreciate-especially on a busy future night when there’s no time to cook.

Attending a wedding can be costly, but there are some reasonably priced wedding gifts you can choose from that will help you stay on budget and still give the couple something nice for their new lives together.

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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, hiking.


  1. For a recent wedding we attended, my wife designed some wall art that ties back to the couple’s ‘important dates’ (meeting, engaged, wedding, etc.) and put it in a very nice frame, and we also gave them a little bit of money.

  2. Weddings are pricey. One of my friends is getting married and I’m thinking about making a house warming gift basket. I’m a bridesmaid and the costs are adding up. I had budgeted to some extent, but there are so many little things that I did not think of. Whenever I’m thinking about marriage, I will elope!

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