6 Months of Blogging!

file851348626627Today is my 6 month Blogiversary! Apparently that is a milestone because many give up before reaching a mere half year as a blogger. I understand why. I think I knew it would take time because I read and studied for months before working up the nerve to get started. I underestimated how much that amount of time actually meant in units of your day. It’s a good thing I’m a mom. You get used to not needing as much sleep!

Having my own blog has given me a place where I can talk write as much as I want. I see people everyday who are making mistakes with their money. I know ,because I’ve made most of them myself. While it isn’t appropriate to run up to a complete stranger and tell them not to buy that because it is a rip off, I can write about it all day long.

I’ve also found a great community of like minded people who keep me up to date with the latest strategies to find good deals, pay off debt, and achieve financial independence. I know they have my back and would crank out a guest post if I needed it. I’d do the same for them.

Things I’ve Learned

Consistency is Key-You have to regularly post relevant and interesting content if you want people to read and come back. I’m not the best writer, but some of you must like what you see or get a laugh out of my attempts.

Give More Than You Get-The first six months are all about reaching out to other blogs by commenting, creating well written guest posts, and interacting with you fellow bloggers. If you are generous, it is usually comes back around

Don’t Expect to Get Rich– For the time put in, the amount of money paid back is pitifully low. I expect it to grow, and I know there are some Rock Star bloggers who have done really well within a very short time frame. I am not a Rock Star, maybe more like the guy who carries the guitars. I get to hang around the scene, but am not the one being driven around in a limo. I never expected to make much money, so anything that comes in is like icing on the cake.

You Don’t Have to Be a Computer Geek to Get Started– I still know next to nothing about technical components, which you might be able to tell if you are a computer geek. With WordPress, you can pretty much get started without knowing much. I hope to continue to learn as I go. If you want to start a blog, you can learn tons from other bloggers like Jeremy at Modest Money or Andrea at Nuts and Bolts Media. I also used How I Make Money Blogging and still refer back to it quite frequently.

Fun Stats

Since I installed the Alexa toolbar, I’ve gone from over 11,000,000 to 75,499 at this writing.

My page rank went from 0 to 3.

For the month of August 2012, I had 104 unique visitors and 599 pageviews. For the past month, I had 3043 unique visitors and and 15,136 pageviews, a pretty good increase!

I went from never having a Twitter account to 877 followers. I have 623 Facebook likes, but only 2 who ever read a post!

I have gotten to do some pretty fun things like guest post for the Debt Movement and get added to the Money Crashers Top Personal Finance Blogs list.

Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve paid off all my credit card debt, gotten on a budget, and switched to part time work. It’s been a very eventful 6 months. Thanks to those who have read, commented, subscribed, followed, liked, and been a better audience than I could have ever expected. I look forward for many more milestones down the road.

Do you have any suggestions for posts, format, or anything in general you would like to see me do differently?








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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, hiking.


  1. Great tips Kim. It’s easy to take these tips for granted but when they are applied they can defiantly help you out, especially when you’re getting started. I like you’re second tip the best, giveback is the best way for others to take notice of you and work with you. I guess it’s like they always say when you help others get what they want they will help you get what you want.

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