7 Tips For Writing An Argument Essay

pencil-918449_640An Argument essay is specifically difficult sometimes, due to the various aspects involved in the writing of it. The essay asks the writer to evaluate the “Argument”, which is basically a sort of proposal. The key points or qualities that all the readers look for are the quality of the ideas, their arrangement in your essay, the relevance of your examples, and the grammatical quality as well as your grasp of English. Argument essay puts your ability to formulate a constructive and appropriate critique for a specific conclusion to test.

There are various things, which plays a crucial role in determining a quality argument essay, which can appeal to the readers and make the audience side with your opinion. Seven of these various things are listed below:

1. Planning

This is the first phase, and one of the most important phase of writing the essay. In this, the writer must construct the these, and choose three examples (flaws), while laying out the key points. It is important to clear the “road map” before starting the writing. Everything must be set in a specific layout, which will help you better convey your points.

2. Writing

While it may not feel like an important thing to list, the time you spend writing the essay also emphasizes how the essay comes out. A good amount of time must be spent while preparing the essay, and it should be checked whether everything is going in a smooth flow or not. 20 minutes or more must be spent while writing a good argument essay, Following a specific layout can help people, and they can find various layout available online.

3. Use Authentic Data

It is always important to use authentic data and facts, which are true. Made up statistics and facts will not help you gain recognition from the audience, and to better prove your facts, it is a must to use supportive examples. It is important to understand that you are always right, as the argument will always be flawed.

4. Force your Way

One should always try to convey their points forcefully to the reader. Attempts to appear more scholarly by writing long sentences must be avoided. The argument essay needs to be formal, more crisp, and more forceful towards the audience. The essay might get boring in the process of writing it, however, it is essential for the success of it.

5. Examples

No matter what, you must always keep in mind that the argument is always flawed. The most essential thing to do is to find solid and supportive examples, which can back you up, and help you prove that the argument is essentially flawed. These should not be made-up examples, and should have a solid evidence.

6. Attacking Diction

The most simple way to attack the argument is to pick apart its wording. Asking questions like how much is “too much” or what does the author really mean by “certain” will assist you in putting the readers in your favor. It is important to look for vague wording, which you can easily critique.

7. Revision

Revising the article is most boring, yet one of the most important points. After finally writing the essay, it is essential to proofread the essay again in order to check the essay for any mistakes, or to check whether it makes any sense or not. Your main focus while proofreading should be to see whether the “flow” is there or not.

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