4 Alternative Ways to Show Love this Valentine’s Day

4 Alternative Ways to Show Love this Valentine’s Day

How many ways can you say, “I love you”? I’m sure if you were to count all of the words and phrases that could potentially be used there would be hundreds.

For instance you might say to someone, “You are my everything,” or “You are the other half of my heart”. Certainly these words make a statement of your true love for someone.

Of course, loving acts can say as much as words. You could help the one you love by doing extra chores around the house. Or, cook their favorite dish for a meal even if it isn’t your favorite.

Any of these can show how much you care for someone. But you can also use alternative ways to show love this Valentine’s Day.

1. Overhaul Your Budget

If you haven’t gotten around to revising your budget for a while, now is a good time to get it done. This is one of the alternative ways to show love this Valentine’s Day.

Sure, it’s not as glamorous as an expensive meal at a fancy restaurant or a bouquet or red roses. However, it can still show those you love that you care deeply for them.

After all, part of caring for them includes taking care of their needs and wants. In order to provide for their needs and wants you must have money ergo, a budget.

Look it over and compare it to the last few months of bills you’ve had. Does it still work for you? If so, you have less work to do in revising it. If it doesn’t, you will need to update it for the changes.

2. Pay Down Debt

Paying down debt is another of the alternative ways to show love this Valentine’s Day. Again, it may not seem like a romantic gesture, but paying towards debt is like handing money to your future self. If you have a partner or spouse it helps them too.

Reducing your debt not only puts you on the path to financial freedom, it can help you achieve the goals you may have set.

Let’s say you and your partner want to travel after retirement. You may not be able to if you are still paying off a mortgage or other loans. But paying off debt as fast as possible can make your travel dreams a reality.

3. Put Money in Your Emergency Fund

An additional way to show love this Valentine’s Day is to put some extra money in your emergency fund. Each time you sock money away for an emergency you are helping yourself to stay out of debt.

Since everybody has a financial emergency from time to time, the odds are that you will too. Having money saved to pay for emergencies prevents you from having to pay a bill with your credit card.

If you can avoid it you should not pay emergency bills with a credit card. You will end up paying much more than the original bill if you do.

The interest rates are sky high on some of them. Therefore, the best thing is to set aside some money to pay for unexpected expenses so you are prepared for them.

4. Add to Investments

Adding to your investments can be an alternative way to show love this Valentine’s Day. If you have a cash windfall you should think about investing some of it.

You could also calculate what you would have spent for a normal Valentine’s gift and invest that amount as well. Investing shows the person you love that you care enough to save money for their future.

Obviously there are many ways to tell someone that you love them with words. Show them instead with one of the alternative ways to show love this Valentine’s Day.

What do you do to show you care on Valentine’s Day?

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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of Snipon.com.


  1. Bahahaha! What sexy recommendations. 🙂 It’s true, though. We don’t need to blow more of our money to prove love to each other. I absolutely love Valentine’s Day, so hubs and I agreed that we would only give gifts made from materials we could find around the house.

    1. I know – they aren’t very sexy. haha! But, V-Day is kind of a joke to me. I’m single now, but even in a relationship, it’s more important to show love everyday than on a designated day because it’s a holiday. 🙂

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