How To Become a Trusted Business

photo-1420310414923-bf3651a89816Trust is the cornerstone of all successful businesses. Demonstrating that you are trustworthy company is invaluable when differentiating yourself from competition and establishing a credible reputation. Building trust takes a lot of time and hard work, but there are plenty of things you can do to secure customers for life:


Respond promptly to all clients and enquiries. So often clients are left feeling frustrated as they wait for salesmen and account managers to get back to them. Acknowledge receipt of emails and phone messages as soon as you receive them, even you if don’t have the answer immediately. Let them know you are dealing with the request and keep them in the loop.


Keep clients up to date with action taken and next steps.  Always address any issues directly and don’t try to cover up errors. Explain what has happened, how you will handle it and the steps you will take to ensure the mistake won’t reoccur in the future.  If you treat your clients like intelligent, respected partners then your potential for repeat custom will skyrocket.


Delivering critical business items to clients quickly, safely and on time is essential to prove reliability. Delayed timelines, missed deadlines and lost packages will lead to distrust of your business. Use a reputable courier like TNT to deliver all products, paperwork and correspondence using secure delivery services.

Great Service

Implement a clear company standard policy for customer service. This will ensure all clients experience the same level service and know exactly what to expect when dealing with your company. Trust is cultivated through consistency, and consistency can be maintained through preparation. Put tools in place so that employees answer questions, requests and even complaints using the same information and processes.  Great service can be achieved through effective training, clear expectations, strong internal procedures, KPI’s and meaningful measurement methods.


Make sure you are more than just an email address to your clients. Give a face to your business by meeting with clients in person, via Skype or simply pick up the phone.  More personable forms of communication will help to build a rapport and connection. Keeping email correspondence to a minimum will also avoid common misinterpretations of information and tone.


Show your clients how much your value their opinion by asking for their feedback. Testimonials create a circle of trust as it showcases positive references for potential new clients, whilst helping solidify the relationships of trust you have (hopefully) already built throughout your dealings so far.  By providing feedback surveys to customers you can exhibit your willingness to improve their experience and constantly refine your services.

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