Bees in My Hummingbird Feeder-How To Deal With a Money Crisis

Don't let the bee outsmart you!
Don’t let the bee outsmart you!


We have really been enjoying our hummingbirds this summer. I know it makes me sound really boring and old, but I look forward to seeing them every day. This past weekend we had a hummingbird crisis. Bees found our feeder and swarmed it so badly that the hummingbirds could not get in.

I have nothing against bees. They make honey and provide pollen and all that, but I don’t necessarily want to attract them or make them angry, and I certainly don’t want them messing with my hummingbirds. We can think of the bees like things in life that want to take our money away. Whatever your money or bee crisis, how you deal with it can make a huge difference in your quality of life.

Ignore It or Deal With It

We had two choices with our bees. We could ignore them or deal with them. There were merits to both.

Ignore them-If we ignore them, we aren’t risking our flesh and the probability of needing large quantities of Benadryl. However, this also means that we get to watch swarming bees instead of our slightly neurotic bird friends.Eventually, there will be so many bees that we will probably get stung anyway when we venture outside.

If you ignore your money problems, it might seem like you are saving yourself some agony in the short term, but problems tend to grow exponentially over time, and you could wake up one day to find out that you have lost something very important to you. If you stick your bills in the drawer unopened, keep reading.

Deal with them-If we decided to deal with the bees, we might get a few bee stings, and it might take a little time, but we get our hummingbirds back. If you decided to deal with your money problems, you can get your life back

Why Are You Getting Bees?

We looked online and found that we could be getting bees because of a leak in our feeder or maybe the bees just got lucky and found it. We needed to take down our feeder and examine it.

Why are you having money problems? Are you spending too much? Do you have credit card debt? Are you living beyond your means? Did an expense go up without a raise in pay? The first step is to track every penny that comes in and goes out. If you don’t, you’ll never know why you don’t have enough money.

But It’s All Covered in Bees!

We knew that we had to get our feeder down, but there was one problem. It was covered in bees! Nothing strikes fear in my heart like a black and yellow striped back end on a flying insect. Since we have no bee keeping gear, we decided to spray them off with a hose.

Being the financially minded person that I am, I agreed to film the process in case of a mishap. We could make some serious money on America’s Funniest Home Videos! I didn’t really do that, and the hose worked well enough to grab the feeder before the bees came back.

After we cleaned it out really well, the bees left it alone. I guess some of the nectar must have spilled out of the feeder during a wind storm. So far, the bees are gone and the hummingbirds are back!

What is the Bug in Your Financial Life?

After you’ve taken a look at where your money is going, it’s time to take action. Yes, it might sting to stop doing something you are accustomed to. You might have to cook instead of going out. You might have to stop buying unnecessary stuff for your kids. You could have to tell your family that you can’t go in on the 60 inch TV they want to get Mom and Dad for Christmas. You might even have to cancel your satelllite TV!

Whatever the bee, spider, or leach that is attacking your finances might be, you have to figure it out and eradicate it. Letting the bugs take over is not the life you want to live.

While this may seem over simplified at first glance, figuring out the problem really isn’t that hard. You probably are already aware of it. Choosing what to do instead of making excuses is the harder part, but you can get rid of the bees that are causing your money crisis.

What creatures have tried to take away something you value? Are you allergic to bee stings?


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  1. We have a tendency to ignore little pests until they become a big problem. Most recently, crazy ants have taken over my property. They don’t bite or anything, but they can be very detrimental to plants and electrical lines. We kept spraying them without it helping much, but we have a visit scheduled next week with a system that generally works to fend them off…just took us 9 months…

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