Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #10-Ed McCaffrey Edition

Another Saturday, where does the time go? Today, we went to see Eddie McCaffrey, former receiver for the Denver Broncos. A new sporting goods store was opening up, and apparently he’s the main attraction. I wouldn’t drive an hour to meet most NFL players, but steady Eddie was always a good role model and a great team player. Plus, my husband was a big fan. The only other famous person I’ve ever met at a meet and greet was Slash at an optometry convention of all places. Can’t imagine what he thought of the crowd!

Eyes on the Dollar was mentioned in quite a few places this week. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s so fun to see those pingbacks pop up. Please let me know if I missed anyone.

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 And I Just Couldn’t Take My Eyes Off These Posts

Why I Would Never Lease a Car at Modest Money. I agree with Jeremy on this one.

The Cost of Doing Business at Street Smart Finance. It is too easy to sue someone in this day and age.

Welfare Food Challenge-$26 A Week for One in the Grocery Budget at Canadian Budget Binder. Could you get by on $26 a week? Lots of folks have to.

How to Save Money on Home Improvement Projects at Tackling Our Debt. Sicorra has the plan all laid out for some fall DIY

Dear Google, I love you, Please Love Me Back! at Reach Financial Independence.  Aren’t we all hoping to please the Google Gods!

When is Being Frugal Really Just Being Cheap at Frugal Rules. When your house was painted by Painter Smurf. It’s not that bad, John

Our Early Retirement Plan at Outlier Model. I love 20-somethings who really have it together. Took me a bit longer.

How To Get Struck By Inspirational Lightning and Write Your Book at Fix Em Up Rent Em Out. As long as it’s only insprirational lightning….

Figuring Out Your Costs of Being a Landlord at Work Save Live. Figure them out before you start and add 10%.

My Favorite Scary Movies-Have Some Cheap Halloween Fun at My Money Design. Man eating fish and lots of blood, can’t think of a better way to spend a weekend!

Real Estate 101: Finding Your Niche at Free Money Finance. Can you tell I’m on a real estate kick this week?

Professional Sports: The Opiate of the Masses at Club Thrifty. Appropriate for the Ed McCaffrey edition.

How Do You Go From Minimum Wage to 80K in a Year? Part 1 at Planting Our Pennies. The PoPs are so good at series writing. Start here and read all 3.

Why I Chose to Stay at Home at See Debt Run. Michelle give her wonderful reasons for deciding to stay at home.  They’re only little for a short time.

Naked Lady Party: The Ultimate Guide to Having a Clothing Swap at I Heart Budgets. Doesn’t the title make you want to read it? Sounds like great fun.

How To Start Your Own Business from Average Joe at The Free Financial Advisor. I’m trying to get out of a business, but don’t let that discourage you.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Have you ever met anyone famous? Were they shorter than you imagined?


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  2. I was lucky. Working in television for 9 years, I got to meet many famous people. They were almost all smaller than you imagined and most were more fragile than you thought beforehand.

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