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I’ll be leaving tomorrow for a week in Kentucky to visit my family. If you could hear my voice as I write this, my twang is getting more pronounced as the minutes tick by. My husband thinks Southern is a whole different language and is amazed at how fluent I can be when the filter is turned off. Kentucky is a beautiful state and one of the only places I know where you can smoke AND buy fried chicken in every convenience store.

I might be unplugged next week, so if you don’t hear from me, I haven’t forgotten you. I do have a couple of awesome guest posts and a giveaway lined up for next week, so stop by. It was a short week with the holidays, but there was lots going on the the blogosphere.

Exciting news this week: Michelle got engaged. Congratulations!


Eyes on the Dollar got some holiday love from these fine folks:

Debt Roundup included my best financial tipin the Best Personal Finance Tips of 2012. My advice to stop being afraid was also shared by I Heart Budgets and Luke 1428.

Frugal Rules  and Street Smart Finance were fans of Financial Lessons from Clark W. Griswold.

Reach Financial Independence, Work, Save, Live,  and Canadian Budget Binder like my business ideas for retirement.

Modest Money wanted to learn how to Host a Rocking Good Holiday Party

Funny Search Terms

turkey rack soup– Not sure how to make that one.

as a charity you spend your time with me– That’s not charity bud, and that’s a horrible come on line.

blog pauline’s brothel-I get so many searches for Pauline. Get her to guest post and your traffic will go way up. Don’t think she has a brothel though.

from hoe is the eyes on the dollar– Not sure if that’s an insult or not.

happy happy it’s christmas this side of the nut house– Me too?

lizard down– Poor little guy!

 And I Couldn’t Take My Eyes Off These Posts!

Rescue Pets After Christmas and Help Save a Life at Monster Piggy Bank. I have two rescue dogs and couldn’t imagine life without them.

A New Year, A New Opportunity was a great guest post from Jason at Work Save Live for Frugal Rules. There are always new opportunities if we take advantage of them.

How to Plan and Budget for Your Honeymoon was another suburb guest post by Pauline at Reach Financial Independence for Sweating the Big Stuff

How to Decide What Financially Matters in the New Year at Work Save Live. When you align your financial goals with your values, you can’t go wrong.

I really hope no one has a Hangover from the Holidaze from We Got Outta Debt. If you do make sure to read this.

Continuing in the same pattern, go ahead and read Christmas on the Credit Cards at I Heart Budgets. I’m sure you didn’t do that, but just in case.

If you are looking for a more simplified way to invest, check out the Gone Fishin’ Portfolio at Street Smart Finance.

What I Learned About Blogging From My First 50 Posts from Luke 1428. Didn’t we all learn a ton from those first ones?

What I Want for Christmas at My Money Design. It doesn’t come from Amazon.

New Year’s Resolution: Canadian Debt and Tacking Personal Finances at Canadian Budget Binder. This also works in the US, Portugal, Guam, Siberia, heck, wherever you are!

Christmas Shopping With a Money Master at Money Master Mom. How many times can we say master in a sentence?

Club Thrifty gives us Tips to Save Money During Winter. Don’t wear shorts like my husband always does!

Funancials gets the best title of the week with I’m More Interested in Your Personal Savings Rate than the Interest Rate on Your Personal Savings.

Should Americans Be Forced to Save for Retirement? at Free Money Finance. I don’t know if we should be forced, but I think you should be automatically enrolled if your job has a retirement plan, and you’d have to opt out rather then sign up.

Enjoy your first week of January. I’ll catch up after my trip. How is everyone spending New Year’s Eve?

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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of


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