Calculate Your Home Loan Repayments and Be Financially Ready

purchasing a home and determining paymentsAustralians who are getting ready to purchase a home understand the financial ramifications of such a major purchase, but many people are still too eager to take the time to step back and calculate the exact financial impact that buying a home will make. Calculating home loan repayments allows home buyers to understand how much they will need to have available each month in order to pay off their mortgage on time.

The Dangers of Failing To Prepare

People who are financially stable may be approved for a high amount when it comes to obtaining a mortgage. However, it is not uncommon for people who top out the amount that they are offered to struggle with repayments. Stretching the household budget too thin leaves no room for error, so any changes in income can be disastrous.

How To Calculate Home Loan Repayments

Home buyers will have to estimate the amount that they will be paying each month before being approved for a mortgage. Interest rates are heavily influenced by credit rating, so it is recommended that home buyers access their credit report and score before calculating estimated home loan repayments.

The term of the loan, the interest rate and the principal amount of the loan will need to be known in order for payments to be calculated. There are mortgage calculators available online that will return an accurate monthly payment figure without requiring buyers to us a complex formula in order to calculate this amount on their own.

Keep in mind that some home loans come with a variable interest rate. This means that the interest rate changes with the market rate, so repayment amounts can change substantially.

Tips For Getting Ready To Purchase

Fully preparing to purchase a home is a matter of evaluating the household budget and making sacrifices when possible. Saving up a large down payment cuts down on the monthly repayment amount, and people who put at least 20 percent down on a home avoid the costs of mortgage insurance.

Here are some valuable tips for becoming financially ready to purchase a home.

-Evaluate the household budget to determine where debt needs to be paid off. Make cuts from other budget items if possible to help pay down debt.

-Obtain a credit report to review the information found in the report. Work to pay debts in full and on time to improve credit score.

-Aim to stay at the low end of a predetermined price range to make repayment more manageable.




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  1. It’s not just the loan repayments but real estate taxes, insurance, maintenance and repairs, and PMI (if your down payment is less than 20%). I cringe when I hear people say the bank says they can afford so much a loan. Of course the bank will approve as high an amount as they think they can get repaid. And the bank doesn’t know about other things you spend your money on. If you have to rely on the bank to tell you what you can afford, you can’t afford anything!

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