Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #11-Pumpkin Edition


My Snow White and Little Mermaid Pumpkins

Another weekend already. Last night we attended a murder mystery dinner. This was our second one, and they are too much fun. Luckily my husband nor I turned out to be the murderer! This weekend is the kid’s trick or treat parade down Main Street. Is it just me, or does Halloween stretch into a two week long holiday when you have a kid?

This week, I’m sharing some more great search terms that landed on Eyes on the Dollar.

Being the boss is a good and bad thing-Yep, it is

Can a helmet qualify HSA-  Don’t think so

Credit for free clothing-I’d love to know how

Can I finance lasik surgery for my wife- Yes, but wouldn’t you rather pay it off?

cycling is an expensive hobby yes-It sure can be

decorating pumpkins like rapunzel-I don’t think pumpkins can grow hair

found treasure in rental property-Did it come with a pirate?

hidden dollar treasures-Sounds like fun

husband has expensive hobby-I’m so sorry. Can you lock him in the bathroom?

pictures of petanimals for preschoolers-Remember, you’ll be the one who is taking care of them!

stalagmites-I know what they are, do you?

And my personal favorite…

won pun kim brothel-No idea, maybe it’s the name of an Asian brothel

Guest Post

I was lucky enough to have a guest post published at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. They say to save your best stuff for other sites, and this is one of my favorite posts that I’ve ever written. Check it out if you have time.

My Southern, Gun-Toting Granny-Lessons on Life,  Money, and Entrepreneurship


Eyes on the Dollar continues to receive love from some great blogs. I can’t thank you enough!

Friday Recap, a Festival, and Transatlantic Flight at Reach Financial Independence

Frugal Friday: Posts That Ruled This Week, the BCS Edition #3 at Frugal Rules

The VIP Club Roundup-8th Edition at Club Thrifty

Personal Finance Week in Review for October 21 at One Smart Dollar

Link Luv Friday, Poetic Edition at Pelican on Money

Fridays Circle of Friends-October 26 at Tackling Our Debt

Carnivals, Mentions, and Weekend Reading #35 at Work Save Live

End of October 2012 Favorite Blog Posts at Modest Money


I actually made it into two carnivals this week.

Lifestyle Carnival-25th Edition at Master the Art of Saving

Money Pros Carnival-Quotes and Cheesecake Edition at Thirty Six Months

 And I Couldn’t Take My Eyes Off These Posts

One Suitcase for one year of travel, what to pack from Reach Financial Independence. Pauline is moving to Guatemala. I would have no idea what to take.

Mortgage Prepayment: Money in the Bank at Club Thrifty. These guys are great and they’ll be mortgage free in less that 3 years!

How to Spend Money Like the Government at Frugal Rules. John, I don’t think I could spend that much. It would be like eating candy. Pretty good at first but you can only eat so much before you get a tummy ache.

Getting Your Credit Card Debt Under Control from Scott at One Smart Dollar. It’s hard but won’t ever happen unless you start.

I am a Monster at Pelican on Money. Veronica writes a very heartfelt post about a homeless gentleman that created some deep emotions. Don’t beat yourself up. Everyone knows pelicans are very nice and certainly not monsters!

Is it Possible to Reduce Your Monthly Grocery Bill With Coupons? by Sicorra at Tackling Our Debt. Absolutely!

Ways to Graduate College Debt Free is a guest post from Sean at One Smart Dollar at Modest Money. I made the first four debt free, but those last four were pretty expensive.

Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance Quotes at Work Save Live. If you don’t think you can take care of your parents as they get older, you should consider this.

Using a Flexible Spending Account to Get Another Tax Break in Your Paycheck at My Money Design. Want 25% off daycare? Read this post.

What Products to Stockpile for Maternity Leave at Canadian Budget Binder. Can you stockpile sleep?

Lost Your Job? 5 Things to do Right Away at Young Adult Money. No, cry, whine, and drink are not included on the list.

10 Crazy Safety Facts You Never Knew at Savvy Scot. Makes you want to run out and get disability insurance.

These are two new to me blogs this week. I am enjoying both.

My Dinner Vacation Came With a Bonus of Disappearing Chores from Mandy at Money Master Mom (say that five times really fast). Mandy cooks once a month for hours, but then gets a vacation from cooking for that month. I might have to try this. Fire Dept on standby…

Stop Wasting Money on Whitening Toothpaste! from Catherine at Plunged in Debt. I only do eyes, so it’s nice to find out some ways to save money on teeth.

Everyone have a great weekend!

What are your Halloween Plans?




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