Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #3


Weekend Plans

I had yesterday off from my real job, so I spent day one of working on the rental property. Three hours cleaning the most disgusting refrigerator I’ve ever seen has left me a bit tired. If I’d never had a child, I don’t think I could have done it, but after you’ve been puked, peed and pooped on, most things just aren’t so bad. My husband gets a shift today with some demolition in the bathroom. It should be fun. I think I need to find something cute to call him on my blog, but I just can’t come up with anything. Mr. Eyes just sounds creepy, and Mr. E.D., well we just don’t want to go anywhere near that. If anyone can come up with a clever name, I’m all ears.

Eyes on the Dollar experienced some more love this week. It it truly amazing that people are reading and sharing things I write.  Thanks, guys for the mentions.

The Sunday Review-Top Posts of the Week-Savvy Scot

August25th 2012 Favorite Blog Posts-Modest Money

What I’m Reading: Getting the Car Serviced Edition-Erin Shanendoah/Dog Ate My Wallet

Sublime Saturday Assemblage #34-Master the Art of Saving

Weekend Wind Down 8/25/2012-Getting in Back to School Mode!-My Money Design

Finance Fox Weekend Recap-Rocking the Vote and Lucky 9 Awesome Reads From this Week!-Finance Fox

I also couldn’t take my eyes off these posts.

Life Changing Advice-Part 1 – From Sandy at First Gen American. Powerful stuff.

Maternity Leave Laws Don’t Effect Pay in Gender Inequality-Femme Frugality. I knew I should have moved to Denmark, but I only speak English and Southern, so that might be a stretch.

Who Wears the Financial Pants In Your Relationship?-Finance Fox. Eddie asks some good questions, but you really need to click over just to see the picture on this one.

You Have No Idea What I Paid For This Room-The Free Financial Advisor. Average Joe again proves he is above average by fitting an entire mini bar in his suitcase.

Are Dimes the New Pennies?-Surviving and Thriving. Donna Freedman makes us answer the question, “Dude, where’s my money?” We all should know.

The End of the ATM?-See Debt Run. I was just thinking this the other day. I bet I have used the ATM twice in the last year. Eventually they will only be in casinos.

The Capital Gains Tax Rate is too Low-Hacking the Bank. This one got me all fired up, and we all need to vent once in a while.

There were many other good ones this week. It’s hard to choose sometimes. I hope everyone has a great weekend with an extra day here in the US. Until next time.

Do other countries celebrate Labor Day? What are your plans?







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  1. We ended up doing absolutely nothing….a couple board games….watched football. That was awesome. I used to be upset if I DIDN’T have things going on during a weekend. Now I’m angry if I do.

  2. lmao @ ‘Mr ED’…no I don’t think he would appreciate that nickname. It’s too bad you didn’t take a photo of that nasty fridge. We do celebrate Labor Day up in Canada too, but I’m not sure of countries outside of North America. I hope your long weekend is going well.

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