Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #6

Didn’t I just do a roundup? Another week has flown by. We had a first this week. My daughter had her first break away run during a soccer game. She has never been very agressive toward getting the ball. Usually she’s doing somersaults or picking grass while the action is going on, but she somehow got the ball and kicked it three times in a row! It was toward the wrong goal, but you can’t ask for miracles.

We’ve had some skunk troubles lately. If you’ve never had the pleasure of having a pet sprayed by Pepe Le Pew, it is an experience. I reported last week that I was about to have a ripe tomato on my plant. The next day something ate it, probably that same skunk. The darn thing got my dog and my tomato in the same week! If debt had a stinky skunk smell, no one would ever have a problem.

Eyes on the Dollar is moving right along and I can’t say thanks enough for all the visits, comments, and shares from you wonderful readers. These rockin’ blogs were kind enough to mention me this week. Please tell me if I missed someone.

Carnival of Personal Finance at Free Money Finance

Quick Hits and Weekend Reading from Young Adult Money

The Sunday Review-Top Posts of the Week at Savvy Scot

Mr CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks Sept 21,2012 at Canadian Budget Binder

Mid September 2012 Favorite Posts at Modest Money

Friday’s Circle of Friends-September 21 at Tackling Our Debt

And I Just Couldn’t Take My Eyes Off These Posts

Best Cash Back Credit Cards, September 2012 at Free Money Finance. I always love cash!

Catering Your Blog To Your Readership at Modest Money. Even if you don’t want to cater to your readership, you have to see this cat picture. My favorite pic of the week.

Keeping Track of Yearly and SemiAnnual Bills at Rule Your Wallet Blog. I always forget something and it seems like all the annual ones come in April, the same month taxes are due.

Should You Pay Off Student Loans Early? at Young Adult Money. I did not, but it seems DC and I are in the minority on this one.

101 Frugal Tips To Help You Save Money at Tacking Our Debt. Sicorra has a really good list. If I follow them all, I’ll surely be rich, but I’d have to learn to sew…

My Retirement and Debt Plan at Making Sense of Cents. When I was 23, my debt plan was to keep making more. Nice that someone has it together so early in life.

What I Love and Hate About Being an Adult at L Bee and the Money Tree.  More naps, adults need more naps for sure.

Why Your Personal Image Matters at Krantcents. I guess I need to wear my sweats and KY Wildcat t-shirts less often.

Eating Well While Traveling at Outlier Model. Gotta love the happy hour.

How to Save Money on Contacts and Eye Care at Work Save Live. I can’t pass up an eyeball post.

6 Must Decisions for Your Financial Success at Street Smart Finance. We could certainly use more personal responsibility in this country.

There you have it. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Would you rather have credit card debt or be sprayed by a skunk?



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  1. I’ve never been sprayed by a skunk but I can only imagine that it’s absolutely terrible. I’d still have to say being sprayed by a skunk as you can eliminate the odor faster than you can get out of debt. What are we talking?…maybe 2-3 days to get rid of the skunk odor and years to get out of CC debt?

  2. I always notice the smell of skunks at the park where I ride my bicycle. I guess that is the price of living in the city. It is the only open green space in the area. Thanks for including me, I am in good company.

  3. Oddly enough we just got in from a walk with the pooch and there was a skunk hiding in front of a car. Mrs.CBB nearly bowled me over when I mentioned it.. she’s like get out of the way. We don’t have skunks in the UK so they are all new to me. Quite entertaining if you ask me but we have seen a few in our area since we live by the conservation and open fields. The rabbits are insane in our area. I’ll take the skunk spray because at least I know I can get rid of it in a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable amount of cash. Is that bad lol.. Cheers Mr.CBB

    1. Yes, it is, but it does go away sooner than debt. I have a really funny skunk story from a few years back that I need to see if I can work into a post at some point.

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