Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #8

Lizard Head Wilderness, CO

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my new Canadian friends. Happy October 6th to everyone else. We should celebrate every day, right? I’m looking forward to another fall weekend. I plan on getting the Halloween decorations out today and maybe another hike in the mountains before the snow gets here. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.A favorite of mine on other blogs is a listing of funny search terms. I’m starting to get a few and though I’d share as well.

eyes on the dollar grocery gameThat’s on Canadian Budget Binder, but nice try.

used to wearing glassesI am, but don’t write about it, sorry.

50 dollar renovation desater– If you only had $50, it would be a desater!

graceland elvis-I love Elvis, but he’s left the building.

where are the four eyeballs on the dollar-You’ll only find one here

how dumb is it to buy clothes on a credit card-Pretty dumb if you can’t pay it off

glasses huge eyes-Glasses won’t help that

funny photos about people in thick glasses-Oh, don’t make fun of the people with bad glasses.

pictures that make your eyes go funny-I’m seeing a theme


Beginning of October 2012 Favorite Blog Posts at Modest Money

What Riles Me Up-How to be a Great Radio Show Guest at Fix Em Up Rent Em Out

The Sunday Review-Top Posts of the Week at Savvy Scot

Friday Recap-Flown by Week at Reach Financial Independence

Quick Hits and Weekend Reading at Young Adult Money

Carnivals, Mentions and Weekend Reading #32 at Work Save Live

Check Out These Blogs That Rule and Frugal Friday: Posts that Ruled This Week twice in one day at Frugal Rules, Thanks, John!

Must Visit Blogs at Frugal Habits

Thanks to all of you. You rock and make me feel like I know what I’m doing. Please let me know if I missed anyone.


And I Couldn’t Take My Eyes Off These Posts.

Change Your Life Series-Step 1 Exercise at Savvy Scot. I am taking the Scots challenge by adding an extra hour of exercise to the 6+ I already do per week. Head start on combating holiday eating!

How Do You Envision Retirement at Modest Money. Jeremy works one week at his new job and is already thinking about retirement. Honestly, I think about it all the time.

Five Money -Saving Tasks That’ll Help You Cha-Ching! in the 4th Quarter by Average Joe at The Free Financial Advisor. A. Joe and I seem to share a love of Barbeque, a dislike of small town air service, and who doesn’t need more Cha-Ching?

How to Manage and Prioritize Your Time Better at Young Adult Money. DC, isn’t there an app for that? Oh wait, I don’t have a smart phone!

How to Save Money and Not Spend $300K to Raise a Child at Frugal Rules. It’s a good thing that John figured this out because he has 3 kids and that would be close to a million.

Fall Gardening-Go Grow Something and Save at Canadian Budget Binder. Mr. CBB, I will try in the spring.

$2 Fixes for Your Life at L Bee and the Money Tree. If I’d only know that $2 could fix your life, think how much I’d have saved on therapy (that’s a joke!)

4 Fun Twitter Tools That Will Drive More Traffic to Your Blog at Tackling Our Debt. Who doesn’t want more traffic?

The Cost of an International Adoption at One Smart Dollar. This post also gives some important things to think about besides cost before considering adopting from abroad.

First Time Home Buyers Flock to Social Media For Advice at Finance Fox. I don’t know if I think this is cool or if it scares me to death. Facebook said that Morgan Freeman was dead and he’s not.Can’t imagine what they might say about a home.

Some Perfecly Legal Ways to Maximize Your Rental Profts at Fix Em Up Rent Em Out. I just found Terry this week and he has some great rental property tips. I certainly don’t want to go to jail, so this was helpful.

How Much Are You Ready to Give to Your Job by Pauline at Reach Financial Independence.  Don’t give so much there’s nothing left.

Extra Income During the Holidays at Making Sense of Cents. Michelle has really got her act together as far as earning side income. I could so chase someone with a chainsaw in a haunted house!

Sometimes You Have to Do Scary Things at Blue Collar Workman. TB’s idea and my idea of scary are certainly in different leagues.

Working as an Employee..And Making the Best of It at Club Thrifty. Being the boss isn’t all cake and roses for sure.

Do You Have Too Much Debt at Pelican on Money. Probably. You can find out also very simply by reading this post.

Is Your Monthly Grocery Bill Too High? 6 Ways to Save Money on Groceries at Work Save Live. I am always looking for ways to impress Mr. CBB at the Grocery Game. Also, I think Jason hit every SEO word he could fit in here.

Recipe Idea: Slow Cooker Chicken Curry at Outlier Model. I love cooking that doesn’t take much work.

What Room- Bucks Taught Me About Economics at Planting Our Pennies. I thought the PoPs got one of those automatic vacuums, but that’s a Roomba. This is even better. Go read it.

5 Essential Tips for Your Wealth Management at Street Smart Finance. Shilpan reminds us to look at the big picture rather than what we are going to buy today.

Get the Best Deal Possible When Buying a New Car with These Important Steps at Frugal Habits. You have to go see the picture!

That should keep you busy. Have a great weekend.

What is your favorite fall activity?







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Snipon is owned and run by a small team who love to find deals on a dime along with the best sweepstakes and giveaways out there. We’re always scrolling the internet for the latest offers to share them with our community. Sign up for our weekly newsletter so you don’t miss another freebie!
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