Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #9-Brothel Edition

My daughter and I at the brothel

I’m sure everyone has been waiting on pins and needles for my weekly roundup, which is a day late. The family spent the weekend in Moab, UT in a cabin at one of the campgrounds. When we arrived, we noticed that the cabins were named after establishments in an old west town, like the saloon, blacksmith, sheriff, etc. Driving up to our cabin, we were quite thrilled to see that we were staying in the “Brothel.” I’ve giggled all weekend. Can’t wait to go to work on Monday and have someone ask what we did this weekend. “We stayed at the brothel!” The fun never ends.

Eyes on the Dollar was mentioned in quite a few places this week. Thanks for reading and sharing.

Carnival of Personal Finance #382-The Leaves are Changing at Walking to Wealth

Personal Finance Week in Review for October 14 at One Smart Dollar

Mid October Favorite Blog Posts at Modest Money

Increasing Google Page Rank and Weekly Roundup at Making Sense of Cents

Carnivals, Mentions, and Weekend Reading #33 at Work Save Live

Friday Recap, a blogoversary, and a sold flat!! at Reach Financial Independence

Frugal Friday: Posts that Ruled this Week, the BCS Edition at Frugal Rules

Blog Post of the Fortnight! by Thirty Six Months at The Free Financial Advisor

Weekend Wind Down 10/13/2012 Going to the Lego Kids Fest at My Money Design

And although I didn’t have a ton of time to do reading and commenting this week,

I Couldn’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs

What is the Fiscal Cliff and Why Should I Care? at One Smart Dollar. I think we’ve been on the cliff for a while and are going to fall off pretty soon.

Twitter Experiment: How I Doubled My Twitter Followers in a week (and why I won’t do it again) at Reach Financial Independence. Pauline shows us it may not be just about the numbers.

We Bought a House! at Young Adult Money. DC and Victoria are homeowners. Always exciting news to hear.

Are You Fighting Over Money? Here are the Top 3 Money Problems in Marriage at Work Save Live. You mean most fights aren’t over leaving the toilet seat up?

How Budgeting is Like Potty Training at Frugal Rules. If you can make that comparison, you truly live personal finance.

Blog Link Building-Not all Links Are Created Equal at Modest Money. This might be the last in this series for a while. I’ll miss them.

Maxing Out Your 401K Matching-Don’t You Dare Leave Money on the Table! at My Money Design. No don’t you dare!

Travel Europe Like a King by traveling sensibly at Making Sense of Cents. I love trains. Why can’t we have ones in the US that don’t take 5 days to get somewhere?

How do You Stay Inspired? at The Free Financial Advisor. By following people like A. Joe.

Change Your Life Series-Step 2 Healthy Eating at Savvy Scot. I have really slacked the last couple of months on fruits and veggies. Nice reminder to do better.

Why I Stopped Pushing My Son to Go to College at So Over This. Not everyone needs a college degree to be successful.

On Money and Sex at L Bee and the Money Tree. Couldn’t end the brothel edition without this one.


What did everyone do this weekend? Anyone else ever stayed in a brothel?


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