How to Choose a Pre-paid Funeral Plan

With the many choices and funeral styles that are available, it will not be difficult to find something suitable that can be tailored to your budget and desires. It is important you do not just pick the first option that you get, shop around from all the relevant providers and make sure you get the best price. You will find that each funeral provider has very different packages to suit a range of budgets.

Bear in mind that there is masses of information to digest, so it is wise to get as much written hard copy so you can mull over your options at leisure.

Before taking out a funeral plan it would be sensible to involve your family. Obviously, it can be difficult for families to discuss initially, but most come to terms with the reality and will be thankful that you are thinking ahead for their benefit as well as your own. You likely will find that family can be a valuable resource for ideas as well.

Do not be rushed into choosing a plan. Give yourself plenty of time to pick the right plan for you. You do not have to feel alone in making these important decisions. If you are feeling uneasy why not get advice from an impartial financial adviser. It would be sensible to double check that any pre-paid funeral plan is covered by the funeral planning authority, as they have a strict code of practice.

Here are some considerations when choosing a funeral plan,

  • Do you want to pay in instalments or in full?
  • If you pay via instalments, who will pay the final amount? Will it be your relatives? You may wish to inform them of this.
  • What is included in the plan?
    • What type of coffin?
    • Transportation
    • Notices in the local newspaper
    • Floral arrangements
    • Pall bearers

Selecting the best company

Here are some areas you should consider when searching through the companies on offer,

  • Business sometimes liquidate, so what happens if it goes out of business? What safeguards are put in place?
  • How will your money be invested? Will it be in a trust fund or insurance? Trust funds need to be monitored to ensure that any deeds state the use of the funds as funeral costs.
  • Does the company work by the funeral planning authority code of practice?

What else should you consider?

  • Would you like to use a local funeral director or will it be chosen by the company?
  • What if you move into a new area, would there be additional costs involved?
  • What if you are away from home when you pass away (like on holiday abroad)? What transportation would be included if that were to happen?
  • Can you upgrade or amend at a later date?
  • What are the cancellation costs? Is there a cooling off period?
  • How many cars are provided?

Hopefully this article will help you be able to make clearer decisions when choosing your funeral plan.

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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of


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