Clearing Space And Gaining Money By Selling Unwanted Valuables

dollar-1362243_640When you’re working all you can work and couponing all you care to coupon, you may still find yourself in need of some extra cash. It might be a car repair or an upcoming birthday, or maybe just the desire to go out for a nice meal. Whatever your situation, you may have a hard time finding a simple way to generate some extra funds.

One of the easiest things to do in this situation is to sell things through a targeted marketing method that will put your goods in front of the eyes most likely to buy them.

The need to tailor your marketing methods means you need to look at the broad categories of goods you can easily sell, and many of these fall into four big areas.

Consumer Electronics

Nowhere is the technology treadmill more evident than in consumer electronics like tablets and cell phones. The only thing slowing it is the limited options for selling old devices. And many of these gadgets can save you money, making the upgrade even more worthwhile.

Because people are rolling into new phones more quickly, their older phones are still in very good condition and have lots of useful life left. is loaded with older smartphones from every conceivable manufacturer, providing an excellent outlet for those unwanted devices.

Of course, security is a consideration. Phones should have their cards removed, and anything with memory should be thoroughly wiped with a reliable method. This will keep your private, sensitive information out of the hands of untrustworthy buyers. But with this simple step, you’re ready to make some easy money.

Musical Instruments

The worst thing about losing interest in playing an instrument is that you are stuck with a valuable, fragile item that might take up quite a bit of space. The best thing about it is that it’s probably in good condition and worth some money.

If you’ve played guitar for ten years and really gotten your instrument broken in, you’re probably a player for life. But if a couple years of piano lessons and mandatory practice times have not been enough to inspire your child to a lifetime at the ebony and ivory, it’s a safe bet that the piano is in nearly mint condition.

New musical instruments are expensive; you may know that firsthand. That means there’s always a strong market for used items, and an opportunity for you to recoup that initial investment.


Almost anything you can think of is being collected by somebody somewhere. If you have a few collectible items around your home, it’s easier today than ever to find those collectors and get top dollar.

There was a time when it took a long process of travel and long-distance phone calls to locate the people who were into antique glass insulators or vintage campaign memorabilia.

But the internet has cut that down to a simple process. Just a few minutes with a good search engine will turn up ad sites, collectors’ groups, and lots of other resources for locating the people with the particular quirky pastime to get your items sold. That same web savvy will help you get an approximate value so that you’ll know you’re getting a fair price.


Almost everyone has some old books lying around that they don’t want anymore. Whether they were required reading from school or simply not the page-turner we expected, they aren’t doing you any good collecting dust and getting in the way.

You can address two problems at once by getting rid of old books. Today’s sale methods allow you to list items by their ISBN number, ensuring that buyers are comparing apples to apples when they view your listing. And since kids today are soldiering through the same books we read during high school, the demand remains high for the classics. The quick sale of unwanted books can generate some money very easily.

The other problem you can work on is space. Books are bulky and heavy, and every shelf’s worth that you liquidate gives you some free space for whatever you choose.

It’s easy to become heartless when you begin liquidating things around the house, and it could lead you to sell things you’ll one day regret letting go of. Before you put something on the market, talk to everyone in the family and make sure there aren’t treasured memories associated with it. If not, get it sold and get some money while you free up space.

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