How to Cut Back on Your Holiday “To Do” List and Save Money Too

How to Cut Back on Your Holiday “To Do” List and Save Money Too

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. There is this special atmosphere or holiday spirit that goes along with all the pretty lights and decorations as well as holiday goodies we all enjoy.

But preparing for the holidays takes a lot of extra time and work. There are gifts to buy and wrap, decorations to put up, holiday foods to make, parties to attend, and many other things that go along with the season.

When your list of tasks is long and your time is short it can leave you feeling overwhelmed. But there are a few ways you can cut back on your holiday “to do” list and save money too.

Place a Limit on How Many Gifts You Buy

When you read magazine or blog articles about holiday gift etiquette you may see advice about giving to everyone from your boss and coworkers to hairdressers, dentists, eye doctors, mail deliverers, your children’s teachers, Boy Scout leaders, and more.

If you took this gift giving advice your list would be nearly never ending. In fact, Christmas has gotten so commercialized that it’s nearly ridiculous.

My advice is to place a limit on what you buy and who you buy for. This is one way to cut back on your holiday “to do” list and save money too. You’ll save money on gifts and wrapping as well as the time it takes to shop, wrap, and deliver everything.

Purchase gifts for immediate family members only and send Christmas cards to everyone else. Those who receive cards will know you thought of them at this special time of year which is part of what Christmas is about.

Buy Group Gifts When You Can

Another way to cut back on your holiday “to do” list and save money too is to buy group gifts when you can.

For example, you could buy a family game and give it to your brother and his wife and kids. It may cost you from $20-$40, but it’s a lot less expensive than spending even $15 on each person for a total of $60.

Or, give them a paper pop-corn bucket filled with snacks and a movie they can enjoy at home.

There are lots of great family or group gift ideas you could give that would save you money and time since you would have less to shop for and less to wrap.

Draw Names

Drawing names allows you to purchase fewer gifts as well. This will cut back on your holiday “to do” list and save you money too.

One way to make this work is to draw names when everyone is together at Thanksgiving. This would give you about a month to purchase and wrap one gift.

Make Gifts Assembly Line Style

Were you planning on making some or all of the gifts you give this year? If so, that is quite an undertaking. You may find you have bit off more than you can chew.

To make this go faster, make gifts alike as possible with the exception of color. Then, construct similar parts one after the other to save time. I have done this in the past when sewing and it really helps. It allowed me to get items crossed off my list and saved me money since my materials were economical.

Get Your Family to Help

You could employ the help of your family to cut back on your holiday “to do” list and save money too. By having your children, husband, or other family members help you may be able to avoid having to pay someone to do some of the work.

When you are stressed and have lots of things to do for the holidays, try some of these ideas. You may be able to cut back on your own holiday “to do” list and save money too.

Are there other ways you could cut back on your “to do” list and save money?

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