December Goals


The Polar Express pulling into the station


Wow, it’s almost the end of the year. They just go faster the older you get. I used to roll my eyes when my parents said this, but, as with many things, they were right. December is a whole month of celebrating from the parade last weekend to school parties and programs, to our office Christmas party, for which I am cooking for 15 people! After Christmas, we are heading to see my side of the family in Kentucky. I’ll be gone from the 30th to the 4th, and my mom does not have a very up to date computer. I also don’t want to spend my time off online. I am asking for some awesome blogger friends who might like to submit a guest post for that week to please step forward. I could pre-schedule something, but I won’t be able to comment and interact like normal. I will be forever in your debt and  be happy to return the favor should you ever need to unplug. On to the goals…..

Blog Goals

1. Do at least one guest post or blog swap a month. PASS. I did three blog swaps and a guest post.  I hope to do at least two this month.

2.Comment on at least five blogs each day, with three new ones per week.PASS. Sicorra at Tackling Our Debt has also put together winter Yakezie teams, which is very exciting. My goal is to make it to all those wonderful blogs at least twice a week.

3. Have 25 Facebook fans and 400 Twitter followers. PASS. Thanks to Jeffrey at Saving Advice for organizing several giveaways, (There is one going on right now for $100!) I  have 198 Facebook fans and 503 Twitter followers! My goal is to keep them as I know many just joined to win something. I’ll have to come up with some witty things to say for sure.

4.Get  to 160  RSS subscribers. PASS. I have 197 currently and I attribute every new one to the awesome guest posts this month. Let’s try for 250 next month.  From November 4-December 4, I had 8278 pageviews, an increase of almost 2000. Let’s hope for continued growth.

Financial Goals

1.Write a budget and stick to it. PASS I have one, a real honest to God one that Jake made for me. I want to frame it. My husband and I sat down this past weekend and went over and adjusted as needed for this month. It is incredibly exciting. Could I be turning into a budget nerd? Should we make a badge for that?

2.Add at least $4000 to our emergency/liquid savings account. FAIL. This is a fail, but not really. I got a big check from my government job after not being paid for a couple of months. That, with some of our savings, was enough to knock out the last $7477 of our credit card debt. (If you could only see me dancing everytime I say that) It was just too good to resist that payoff, over $30,000 in debt paid off since June 2011. If you have had credit card debt, you know how this feels. If you have never had credit card debt, I hope you never know. You’ll be hearing more about this later, but we’ll be building the savings back up over the next few months now that we won’t ever  have that stupid payment again.

3.  Max out my IRA before the end of the year. PASS. As of the 16th, it will be done. Next years goal is to max out two Roth IRA’s, and set up a new individual 401K.

5. Finish Christmas shopping in November and try to buy everything with rewards points. FAIL.  We’re done with family and teacher gifts, and we aren’t doing husband/wife gifts this year. We changed the plan at the last minute and decided to give our daughter $20 to take to the store and buy something for each of us. We will let her choose, so I actually can’t wait to see what a five year old picks out for Mom and Dad.  Why do I have a feeling I might get a Rapunzel dress or a bag of ring pops? We have been able to stay witin our rewards points budget and still have almost $600 remaining for our Christmas trip. I’m really hoping to go to an SEC basketball game or see the Nashville Predators play. We don’t have anything like that where we live, so it’s always fun.

I’m considering posting our net worth, but can’t decide. For those of you who do that, do you feel it helps you? Is it interesting for readers? If you don’t like reading them please let me know that as well.

Life Goals

1.Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables at least five days per week. FAILHolidays suck for eating healthy. Ongoing goal.

2.Sell some stuff on ebay to pay for eating out while we’re out of town. PASS. We spent $43 eating out during our Thanksgiving trip, and all other meals were with family. We sold over $60 worth on Ebay. This month I want to sell the last piece of old optometry equipment I have. It will be a pain to ship, but should net me around $100.

3.Let my daughter pick one fun thing to do on the weekends. PASS. She got to do so many fun things, like riding the Polar Express. Her current favorite thing to do is play with the neighbor’s new cat.( I know, why do we need toys at all) We’ve spent many hours over there, but I love my neighbors, so it’s not hard. They have a grand daughter who doesn’t live nearby, so I feel like we fill a void as well.

4. Not gain any weight through Thanksgiving. Don’t Know. My scale is broken and I didn’t weight myself at the gym, so we’ll just hope it’s a pass. My goal for this month is to keep my jeans from getting tight.

5.Read a book. PASS. I read two. I hope to read another one this month and I just found out that our local library can do Kindle loaning now, so I’m super excited about that.

Looks like eating better is what I need to work on this month. If there just weren’t so many yummy cookies out there!

How did you do this month?    

Hot chocolate and a cookie, What more could you want!




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