Dive Into Diversity

investing in international companiesDiving into a diverse portfolio can seem intimidating, impossible, reckless and possibly career destroying. Which can all be very true, very possible for a bad portfolio to destroy years of work in a 30 minute meeting. Even scarier, a portfolio about your financial investments and decisions you have made with money. None of us want too seem financially irresponsible and unable to make wise decisions with money, agreed?

Showing off your portfolio does not have to be awkward; it does not have to be a dreadful experience. In fact, it can be something you look forward too, can be like a new shiny toy. Imagine working for months on your body, yearning for that desirable beach bod. Then finally getting to your goal, wouldn’t you want to show off your new instilled confidence strutting your stuff down the bayside. Yes. That is how your portfolio can be.

Investment Goals

What you need to figure out is what your goals are. What do you want to accomplish? And do not just think about now, think about a five and ten year plan. Make financial decisions based on goals for now and later. Something too many people feel is needed for a successful portfolio is a theme. Which is good to have, but you also want to avoid redundancy in your work. You want to seem like you have more than one skill set.

For example, if you constantly invest in technology companies, the oil gas storage services market Shailesh Dash has made popular in recent year may be something you look into. According to Shailesh Dash Arab News, “Saudi Arabia has around $700 billion in reserves, enough to continue spending at its current rate and oil prices for years to come.” Tech industry, then getting into the oil industry, could show you have a diverse set of interests. Now people may ask why would I not want to just be amazing at one thing. Well, that logic is very 1980’s, where employers were looking for a man masterful at one skill. No longer is that a principle in successful job hunting.

International Investments

Take advice of friends that you notice are wise with money and have been able to successfully place investments and land a good career.

Something a lot of investors have found great success in, are international investments. Placing money in companies who are overseas and have a higher dollar value on the American dollar. Some great examples of this are South American countries. Place them in accounts that will develop an exponentially greater amount of interest because that is what you want them too do, gain interest.  Do research on how far the American dollar can take a tourist and how much the country values the dollar.

Some larger places value the dollar less and it is not as valuable in their country.

Now, this is a part of investment that has a very controversial and double-sided conversation. Investing in companies successful overseas and not successful here on the mainland. There are certain products that thrive and do amazingly over seas but are not here yet, or just don’t have a market in the states. An example of a large company that is in the states, successful but not quite as huge, is the cellular department of Nokia.

Nokia is a huge company and provides services and products throughout the country. But even with the cell phones being here, not too many people are purchasing them.

See, an international investment, you are familiar with, know of, and is huge is South America and many more foreign parts of the world.

Portfolio Diversity

Do not be scared to diversify your portfolio, come up with goals and do the research before you open your wallet. But never think that you can be overly diverse or too involved in worldly activities. Its shows you have interest in things that are bigger than what so many companies can do, which in turn can help the growth and financial stability of so many companies.





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  1. Kim, thanks for reminding about thinking of my long term goals during this process that I want to venture in investment. Also, I am planning to diversify because it seems like everybody is doing it. So I’d better do it as well. But, I feel that I need to learn more before I invest.

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