DIY Gone Wrong! 4 Reasons DIY May Cost More Than Hiring a Professional

Many people these days are trying to cut costs in their budgets. One reason for this is because of the ever increasing costs of the goods and services they enjoy. Another is because wages don’t seem to be keeping up.

No matter what the reasons are for high costs, however, there are ways you can save. For example, you could save money by DIY-ing when you have items that need to be replaced or repaired around your home.

But DIY-ing may not always be the answer. In fact, sometimes you end up with a DIY gone wrong. Here are 4 reasons DIY may cost more than hiring a professional.

1. Lack of Expertise

Unfortunately, as a renter or home owner, sometimes things get worn or break in your residence. You may not have the expertise needed to replace or fix it, though. If you attempt repairs without the proper know-how you could be asking for trouble.

Let’s say you have a leak in your kitchen plumbing. Trying to diagnose the problem on your own could result in you having a major water leak in your house. Should this happen, you could end up with thousands of dollars of property damage.

In this case, hiring a plumber would be a better option that trying to become a part time plumber yourself.

2. Don’t Have the Right Tools

What if you know how to fix the plumbing but you simply don’t have the right tools? Are you going to buy a tool set that costs $200 to use once in order to fix a $60 problem?

That doesn’t seem very economical. It might be cheaper overall to pay the plumber than to buy the tool necessary to fix the leak.

3. Takes Too Much Time

More than any generation before it seems like people these days are always in a hurry. If time is money then it follows that creating more time can lead to having more money.

DIY-ing seems to uphold that theory. In the plumbing example, taking all day to fix the kitchen sink yourself could force you to take a whole day off work and lose quite a little income as a result.

If you were to hire a plumber instead, the repair bill might just be less that what it costs you to take that full day off work. Think about that and crunch the numbers before you decide to tackle your next repair job on your own.

 4. Repairs Done Wrong

One more reason DIY may cost more than hiring a professional is because of repairs that are done wrong. When you lack the expertise to do the job yourself but make the attempt anyway, the repair may not be done correctly.

You may be trying to learn new skills by fixing the plumbing leak on your own. But if you don’t make the repairs correctly, have you really learned anything?

In addition, you may end up having to call a plumber anyway. If you have to make that call you have now spent money taking time off work, buying tools and new parts, and paying a qualified plumber.

Congratulations on at least doubling your costs. Rather than DIY-ing every broken or worn thing that pops up in your home, make it easier and cheaper on yourself and call a professional the first time.

Trying to save money is a good thing. However, making repairs on your own may not save you money at all. Remember these 4 reasons DIY may cost more than hiring a professional and save yourself money in the long run.

Have you ever attempted a DIY and ended up calling a professional anyway? Tell me your DIY gone wrong story!

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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of


  1. Ohh my god I have so many of these DIY-gone-bad stories. 90% of the time my husband insists that he doesn’t need to hire someone and he’ll DIY it.

    Normally I’m cool with that, but that’s the approach he took to fixing our electrical issues when we bought our house. The electricity is SO MESSED UP here. Like, you could turn off every breaker and there will still be live wires in the house. It’s horrible. Anyway, we discovered that because Mr. Picky Pincher damn near fried himself working on our outlets.

    Hire an electrician, guys.

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