Donate Your Cardmember Points to a Selected Charity This Year

Donate to charityWith Christmas fast approaching, the world is gradually overwhelmed with a feeling of goodwill – and the pressure to spend buckets of cash on lavish gifts for loved ones everywhere. The tendency to overspend on luxuries can sometimes make it rather difficult to satisfy your festive desire to help those less fortunate, but there is a way to make your generosity work for everyone.

Whether you’re tuned into the Christmas giving or planning your altruistic New Year’s Resolution, your credit card can help harness your seasonal cheer to help those in real need.

Reward schemes, which accumulate points for every pound you part with, commonly offer goods and services in exchange for your loyalty. What you may not know is that certain reward schemes also partner with charities, so that you can donate your points to good causes. For instance, American Express credit cards have a dedicated section on their Membership Rewards page that lets you select from a number of different charities and convert your points into real, practical help for those in need.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s charity is one of many looking for help, and it’s hard to resist the idea of putting a smile on a child’s face at this time of year. Fittingly festive projects which benefit from reward point donations include new toys, play equipment and even the decoration of a new play area, so you can see exactly where your money goes and the difference it’ll make.

With the winter weather settling in around the world, it’s also a time when staying warm is crucial. 3,000 reward points can be used to provide Save The Children with a blanket and woolly hat for a newborn baby, helping to keep them safe and healthy. Larger donation options are available to help provide healthcare, crops and even education.

One of the most appealing things about these donations is that points earned from fleeting purchases can make a lasting difference elsewhere. As well as the smile your gift brings, the accumulated donations to Breast Cancer Campaign can deliver supplies for vital experiments, while supporting The Global Fund can help fight tuberculosis or even pay for nursing training in Africa. So shifting your Christmas spend to your credit card does more than spread the cost, it spreads Christmas cheer and lasting change that could have a truly significant impact on someone’s life. For a list of all ways to donate Cardmember points, visit American Express UK and choose your charity today.

This was a featured post aimed at our readers in the UK, but similar programs can be found in your home country if you are interested in making a donation this holiday season.

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