What To Do If Drug Addiction Causes Financial Hardship

help to cover costs during addiction recoveryFinancial hardship can strike all of us. Facing unemployment, buying a new house, illness of a family member, or starting a family–these are issues that can cause temporary financial problems. But sometimes the causes are deeper, and they require lifestyle changes.

While drug addiction results in more health wreckage; money problems often follow. Many sufferers blow through earnings, neglect necessary payments, deplete savings for recovery and borrow extensively.

To put things in perspective, drug addiction is not just a brain disease, it’s an illness that deeply harms your pocket. The costs of drugs are considerable, as detailed at http://www.michaelshouse.com/drug-addiction/the-cost/. In several cases, drug and alcohol may lead you to siphon cash from parents, siblings, and friends alike. Severe addiction may even result in joblessness. Without income, the cost of your condition may spiral out of control.

Such an overwhelming situation can often be a major roadblock on the path to recover. The stress of trying to overcome addiction and get back to better health with no credit and little income is more than many sufferers can handle.

If you are suffering from addiction and it’s causing you financial hardship, know that there is hope. Here are some of the options you can explore:

Contact your insurance provider

Contact your insurance company to find out what type of addiction recovery coverage may be available for you. It can be easy to choose a drug or alcohol recovery center once you have an idea of the type of coverage you have access to.

However, while the insurance policy may cover the cost of addiction treatment, it may not include a facility, so make sure the facility you go with is covered by your insurance company. This will ensure there are no financial surprises at the end of your rehab. For instance, you should check if there are any distinctions regarding whether the provider will cover residential or outpatient services.

Check with your employer

Some employers who learn of a staff’s substance addiction terminate the employee, while others are more compassionate and cover the employee’s rehab. From the financial expense view, the cost of hiring a new employee or training a new recruit may exceed the cost of financing rehab for an existing employee and making arrangements for temporary leave.

There are several advantages of an employer coordinating with an employee for drug recovery. For example, treatment will have a positive effect on the employee’s overall health. The improved functioning can transfer to the company role, raising employee’s productivity. It can also lead to job satisfaction whereby if one employee is satisfied with the employer and the company, the attitude of other employees becomes positive as well (trickle-down effect).

Explore health care credit cards

This is another potential option. Some credit card companies offer credit to those even with a poor credit history, as they carter those looking to specifically cover medical expenses for addiction rehab. And those with a good history may be able to receive $20,000 or more for covering an addiction recovery program.

While interest rates can be high, decent rates can be found through longer repayment terms. For lower rates, a sufferer can visit a bank or another lending institution for a personal loan if their credit history is positive enough.

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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of Snipon.com.


  1. I agree that long after you’re done with drugs, you’d still be paying the financial damages it has done to you. At this point in your life, it is very important yo have someone back you up, lest you feel like giving up and do so eventually. There is hope, but sometimes it hides, and it takes 20/20 vision to find. You could help out there, amirite? 🙂

    Thanks Kim

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