Eating Healthy Wherever You Go


If you made a resolution to eat healthier, the first place you make changes is likely to be your kitchen. You might’ve spent hours throwing out processed foods and products containing trans fatty acids and replacing them with healthier options in your kitchen cabinet. You may have stocked your fridge with a bouquet of fresh fruits and vegetables available whenever you feel hunger pangs. In this situation, it’s relatively easy to stick to your diet routine and avoid temptation. The real test, however, comes when you leave your home and travel someplace else. In unfamiliar territory, it may be challenging but not impossible to adhere to your healthy diet.

Be Prepared

The key to eating healthy when you travel is to do research ahead of time and to look for natural stores and healthy restaurants. It’s never been easier to eat out and stick to your diet because you can do a simple Google search on your handheld device and find an organic grocery store or a vegetarian café close to where you are. Just as you plan your itinerary and sightseeing schedule, you can also make time for shopping in natural supermarkets and stock up on healthy staples. Make sure you are staying in a hotel that has a small refrigerator with room for a few perishable items such as tofu and almond milk.

Wherever you go around the world, you are likely to find restaurants that cater to your healthy diet. The switch to plant-based foods and reduced fat is not just a national trend but has been embraced at least to some degree by European countries. Some diets, such those in the Middle East, are naturally healthy because they contain generous offerings of grains vegetables and legumes with very little dairy and small servings of red meat. You can create a main dish at of several healthy side dishes such as grilled vegetables, hummus spread and a salad.

You can also do a bit of food preparation in your hotel room. Bring a hot pot that will allow you to boil noodles and a few vegetables or to prepare some miso soup. It is simple to cut up vegetable slices and carrot sticks if you bring a cutting board in your luggage. Create an impromptu salad with cherry tomatoes olives and some feta cheese. You don’t need a huge kitchen to make healthy food on the go. A small fridge, a few supplies in your luggage and a bit of counter space may do the trick.

Healthy Snacks on the Go

People often give up on their healthy diets when traveling because they fall prey to temptation in the airport. Get your vacation diet off to a flying start by bringing healthy snacks in your carry-on. These foods can help you fight the desire to consume something that will taste good but will zap your energy. Bring a bag of unsalted nuts such as almonds and keep them handy. High-protein foods will help you control your appetite and avoid feelings of deprivation.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, bake some chocolate chip cookies or brownies and take them with you on the road. If you don’t have much time for baking before setting out, try using Hampton Creek mixes for brownies and cookies. These mixes create succulent desserts without eggs or dairy products. You can even opt for chocolate chip cookie dough that you can eat right out of the wrapper safely because it contains no eggs. Look for other Hampton Creek products that you can pack your suitcase such as Just Mayo, a mayonnaise imitation product that contains no eggs. Look for various flavors including garlic and chipotle as well as low fat varieties.

Stay Healthy on the Road

Traveling requires stamina and can cause stress, and that is when you need healthy food most. Giving up your healthy eating routine can aggravate an already challenging situation of having your flight delayed or dealing with jet lag. Stay true to your healthy eating commitments while enjoying sights and sounds of an exotic locale. Do research before your trip to locate healthy stores and restaurants. Pack natural and organic staples in your suitcase. Be sure to carry low fat nutritious snacks wherever you go so you can avoid eating something that you will regret later. A healthy diet will give you the boost to make the most out of your travel experience, and you’ll maintain a healthy weight while on the road.

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