How To Protect Yourself From Everyday Thieves

How To Protect Yourself From Everyday ThievesToday’s world is not as simple as it used to be, and thieves have more ways to steal from you. In addition to pick pocketing, you can also have your car stolen, home broken into, and even have your identity stolen. It is imperative that you take measures you protect yourself, and do what you can to prevent theft.

Pick Pocketing

Thieves look for opportunities of grabbing quickly and making a fast escape. For those who carry their wallet without a purse, it should be kept in the front pocket rather than the back. Attaching your wallet to your clothing is also helpful. For women, you will find it very beneficial to own purses with a short strap that allow you to secure the purse under your arm. You will also want to keep the clasp facing your body, preventing a person from quickly opening it and reaching inside. Finally, never walk away from a shopping cart if your purse is in it.

Car Stolen

The first thing that you can do to prevent your vehicle from being stolen is never to leave your keys in the ignition and lock the doors. You should also look at having an alarm system being installed in your car. In addition, you can have your vehicle altered so that if someone starts it without the key, it cuts the supply to the fuel. Finally, if you want to warm your vehicle up, then purchase a remote start system. This will allow you to keep your vehicle locked while it is warming up.

Home Invasion

Thieves prefer to break into homes that are vacant and are easy targets. You can keep your home from being an easy target with a few installations. The first is to install a home security system with security cameras, spotlights, and an alarm. Look into your local Protect Your Home office to get setup. These systems notify authorities as well as you that your home has been broken into. Always keep your home locked, and windows locked if they are on the ground floor. If you have a garage, completely shut the garage door after you have parked. Finally, leave random lights on inside the home, as well as install a motion sensor light outside.

Identity Theft

Purchasing a crosscut shredder is one thing you can do to prevent your identity from being stolen. You should make sure you shred any piece of mail that comes in with your name and address. However, you will also want to watch your identity online. Remember that everything on the Internet posted in a public profile can be viewed. In addition, you will want to limit the locations you give out your personal information. Make sure they have the URL of https instead of http. This means they are secure. Finally, resist the urge to keep your credit card information stored in online store databases.

While you cannot guarantee thieves will not strike, you can make it harder for them. When you make their job harder, they are unlikely to consider you as a victim. There is great truth to the term “crime of opportunity,” as criminals will take advantage of the easy access. Owning a dog, having a car alarm and installing home security systems are three ways to make the robbery more difficult.

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