Father’s Day Gifts For Every Budget

best Father's Day gifts


June seems to be flying by this year and Father’s Day almost snuck up on us, but I did manage to get gifts ordered and shipped for the Grandpas in our life. It’s almost painful for me to pick out gifts, not because of the cost, but because I loathe giving gifts unless I know the recipient will absolutely love them. That’s why I usually let Jim pick out his own Father’s Day present. You’d think after almost thirteen years of marriage, I could nail gift giving, but when he picked out new bike shorts, it was a surprise. I was going to go with shoes this year, so I’m really glad I asked. If you are someone who gets stumped by gift giving, hopefully this list of Father’s Day gifts for every budget will be helpful.

Gifts Under $25

Obviously, if you have skills, it’s easy to make or bake very affordable gifts for just about any occasion. Baking cookies, making a special meal, or even a gift basket filled with treasures from the dollar store are all great ideas.

You can also choose from the plethora of gift cards on display at the grocery store. If you shop at Kroger chains, you’ll also get 2x-4x fuel points for buying various gift cards. Some people don’t think gift cards are personal enough, but I love them and would be OK if anyone who ever gives me a gift again goes that route. I’m sure there are many Dads who feel the same way.

For those without skills or time, there is always Amazon!

This Hansen Games Classic Natural Wood Wooden Chess Set 15” Inlaid Board with Hand Carved Chessmen and Storage makes a great gift for strategic Dads. New hedge clippers would satisfy the more practical Dad. Nike Mojo Double Dozen White Golf Balls in a double dozen pack work like a charm for Dads who love golf.

$26-$50 Gifts

There are a ton of gifts in this price range. For $50 or less, you can take your Dad out for lunch at a moderate style restaurant. You could also buy him a mini-auto detail to make his car shine or hire someone to help out with a few summer chores that no one enjoys like cleaning out gutters or power washing cobwebs off the house.

For those looking for a gift that comes in a box, you could get Dad some type of jersey or sweatshirt with his favorite sports team logo or buy him a new dress shirt if that’s more his style. Decent sunglasses or reading glasses also exist in this price range. My Dad would wear his clothes and glasses until they fell apart, so it’s nice to freshen him up a bit from time to time.

$50-$100 Gifts

This is the price range we settled on for Grandpa gifts this Father’s Day. We wanted to send them Omaha Steaks because steak will be enjoyed and it’s something we haven’t given in the past. Shipping is the killer on this one, but a decent sampler package can be had for under $100, delivery included. Don’t forget to search for a discount code before ordering. I wonder if shipping costs the same amount if you live in Omaha……

Some other great gifts in this price range include: Clint Eastwood: 40-Film Collection Kindle Fire HD Ninja 16oz Personal Blender, 48oz Countertop Blender, and 40oz Food Processor with 550-Watt Base with Slicing /Shredding/Grating Attachments (BL201) for the Dad who loves his smoothies and cocktails!

As Seen on TV Store – Some cool gifts for any Dad!

$100-$1000 Gifts

For this much money, I would probably treat my Dad to a night out that would include a show or sporting event and maybe even a night at a hotel if you’re shopping in the high end of this price range. It’s especially nice to treat a Dad who never spends money on himself.

Here are some other great items Dad might love in this budget range. Weber 18-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, Charcoal Smoker

  Huffy Bicycle Company Men's Cruiser Deluxe Bike, Vintage Burgundy

  Samsung UN40H5203 40-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2014 Model)

Over $1000

Personally,  I wouldn’t spend over $1000 on any gift unless it was something truly aspirational and maybe a once in a lifetime event. My Dad has worked in the lumber industry his whole life, and I know he would love to see the giant redwood trees in California. He doesn’t like the process of travel, which makes this an unlikely trip, but if he wanted to do it, I would make it happen.

It’s not up to me how you choose to spend money, but please don’t go into debt for Father’s Day or any other holiday. Keep in mind that most Dads would rather have your time and attention over any gift, something we can all give away for absolutely free!

What are your plans for Father’s Day? What would be an aspirational gift you’d like to give to a special Dad?


Written By
Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, hiking.


  1. We decided when our oldest was 2, that we didn’t need fancy gifts for mothers and Father’s Day. Now I have a scrapbook that every year my kids make me a picture or card to put in it. And for my husband, I am making him homemade Twix ice cream this year…that’s all he asked for!

  2. Great ideas, Kim. We like to mix things up. Sometimes we make him his favorite meal and sometimes we go to his favorite restaurant. He’s a surfer so the girls like to give him some surf gear. His first thought is to always take care of the girls and me, so I also like to spoil him because he won’t do it for himself, so I might book him a nice massage.

    1. How cool to need surf gear! It’s very nice to be able to spoil those who will not splurge on themselves.

  3. My 10YO son texted me and asked what I wanted for Father’s Day. I told him he can take the two of us out for lunch. Or we can go see the new Terminator movie when that comes out!

    1. We would love to go see Jurassic World but my daughter is too scared. We tried to watch Jurassic Park at home, but she hid under the coffee table! Is Arnold in the new Terminator movie?

    1. My Dad doesn’t do movies. I think we went to one when I was a kid, but I would take him out for dinner if we were closer.

  4. We found a Groupon to take Mr Tre on a whale watching trip. It’s something he’s always wanted to do so I’m sure he’ll be excited. He has to work Father’s Day so we’ll make a day trip out of it when he has a day off.

    1. That sounds like a really cool idea. Take some Dramamine with you. I’ve never been as sick as I was when we went on a whale watching trip last year!

  5. Being in Omaha it’s crazy to see what they charge for shipping for those steaks. They’ll offer some really good deals and then you get to the shipping and it’s nuts. If we really wanted them, they have a few stores in town but we can usually get better prices elsewhere. Anyway, we usually go low-key for Father’s Day. It usually involves a day with the kids, a nice meal and I might get a 6/12 pack of some craft beer.

    1. If we lived closer, I would just go to Safeway and get a couple of steaks, but those certainly don’t ship very well!

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