How To Find High Risk Car Insurance

DWI means higher insurance costsDrivers with a few strikes against their driving record might find it difficult to obtain car insurance. Whether from bad choices or penalties for situations beyond control, being able to hold a driver’s license and insure your vehicle could be the difference between getting to work and school or missing out on opportunities. Here are some ways to find high risk car insurance.

Who Is Considered A High Risk To Insure?

Anyone who has multiple speeding tickets, accidents, or past violations for driving under the influence is considered a high risk driver and companies often don’t want to take the risk of providing insurance in the event that past behavior repeats itself.

Other classes of drives might also be considered high risk, even with a perfect driving record. These include teenagers, people with bad credit, or drivers who don’t have 6 continuous months of  auto insurance history.

How Do High Risk Drivers Find Insurance?

While preferred carriers likely won’t offer coverage, there are companies who can offer a high risk car insurance quote for drivers who don’t have much driving experience or whose driving record is not spotless.

The downside is that the cost to have an auto policy as a  high risk driver means higher premiums. Drivers who are required to pay high risk rates should make every effort to improve their status with insurance companies.

How To Lessen Insurance Costs

While teenagers can’t really change their status as high risk drivers until they are older, most peoples’ behaviors are why they are harder and more costly to insure. There are many things that can be done to improve driving records.


The best way to clean up a driving record is with time. After 3 years, speeding ticket and accidents will age off your driving record. In some states, a conviction for DUI/DWI can remain on your record indefinitely, but it may be possible to have it expunged, and in many states it ages off after 5 years.

Safe Driving

High risk drivers should obey all traffic laws and always pay attention while driving. If texting is a temptation, phones should be turned off whenever getting in the car. Getting another ticket or causing an accident could mean increased policy premiums or cancellation altogether.

Repair Your Credit

While many people feel it’s unfair to base driving risk on credit scores, insurance companies believe that if you aren’t responsible with your bills and finances, you won’t be a responsible driver. Pay bill on time, work on paying off debt,  and don’t buy things you can’t afford on credit.

Drive An Older Car

Newer, fancier, faster cars cost more to insure. If you are a high risk driver, choosing an older model car with a reliable safety record will save on insurance costs.

Being a high risk driver is not a coveted title, but it is possible to obtain auto insurance and find ways to save money if you do fall into this category.

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  1. Unfortunately, my husband is considered a high risk driver. I’m glad to know that there are companies that will offer him insurance. It will be unfortunate to have to pay more, but at least he will be covered! Thanks for the info!

  2. I had no idea that insurance companies actually look into your credit score. Thank goodness my husband and I have good credit. I don’t really think the two are related, credit scores and being a high risk driver, but I guess I’m not the one calling the shots!

  3. I think that the most important way to reduce the cost of car insurance is to practice safe driving habits. Insurance costs are largely based on the risk of the driver, so if you are making sure that you are always attentive and obeying the laws as you suggest, you can be sure the be a low risk driver. If you already have a bad driving record, however, I think practicing these safe driving habits will help you in the first option of just waiting it out. Establishing new habits takes time, so focusing on creating good driving habits will help you in reducing the amount of speeding tickets and accidents accumulated over time. Thanks for all of your insight!

  4. It’s great to know that there are insurance programs that take a chance on high risk drivers. Thanks for these tips. And you’re right about the credit score. I wouldn’t trust anyone who isn’t about to control their own spending either.

  5. It is advantageous following every traffic law. After all, driving 3 years having no ticket is good enough to lower your premium in a high-risk car insurance. It pays off observing safety road driving and practices.

  6. Getting a high risk car insurance is based on the driver’s record. So, if you have many speeding tickets or you’ve been to some DUI charges (related to alcohol & drugs), then it’s recommended to take this type of insurance.

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