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Well it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, I’ve finally decided to post the Eyes on the Dollar Net Worth. I’ve seen some other bloggers who do this, and it usually inspires me to do better myself.

I use a spread sheet in Google Documents to track our net worth so I don’t have to do any math. Determining net worth is easy. Add up what you own.Then, add up what you owe, and subtract the difference. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t come up with a positive number. We had a negative net worth for a long time. As long as you are moving toward positive, that’s the important part.

I don’t expect that anyone else should have the same assets or liabilities that we do. Personal finance is personal, and everyone is at a different place in their journey. We all have different goals and time frames to achieve those.

Let Me Explain


A few points before I share the numbers:

  •  Yes, we probably have too much in cash. We have rentals, and something major could always need repair. I also sold a portion of my business this year, and I’m not sure what the tax burden will be just yet. After tax season, we will likely put some of this into a brokerage account or use it for a down payment on another rental.
  •  Our retirement accounts probably seem low for our age (39 and 43). This is because we screwed around early in our careers and didn’t max anything out. We have also used our money for buying my business and purchasing real estate. We are hoping to create enough rental income to support us when we stop working to pay the bills, hopefully long before age 59.5. Also, Jim should get a pension if the state doesn’t go broke at some point.
  •  All real estate values are based on comps in the area and recent property appraisals . Zillow rated the values way too high in my opinion.

 Eyes on the Dollar Net Worth as of October 10,2013


  •  Cash (checking, savings, money market accounts) $53,741
  •  Retirement (IRA’s 401K, 403B) $172,278
  •  Taxable Brokerage Accounts $4,177
  •  529 College Savings Account $4,870
  •  Daughter’s Roth IRA $5,515 (Do this and the 529 count toward net worth?)
  •  Optometry Practice $300,000
  •  Commercial Office Building $275,000
  •  Primary Residence $375,000
  •  Residential Rental $80,000
  • Flip House Project $100,000 (This one is an unknown. The house is close to done but has no flooring or appliances currently. I believe with it’s location, it would sell for this amount if it were listed as is. Hopefully by the next update, this will be off the books.)
  • Vehicles $25,890 (From Kelley Blue Book)

  Total Assets $1,242,730


  •  Home Mortgage $157,501
  •  Residential Rental Mortgage $46,379
  •  Commercial Building Mortgage $202,638
  •  Flip House Loan $87,000

  Total Liabilities $493,518

 Net Worth $749,213


This makes me happy and sad. Despite paying off all consumer debt and student loans over the past few years, we still have almost a half million dollars in real estate debt. Good debt or not, I wish it was lower.

My other selfish reason for posting net worth is to inspire us to work harder. Whether a million dollars makes you rich or not, I really want the 7 figure net worth, and as of today, I’m joining J$’s million dollar club. I’m setting the goal of reaching that within the next six years.

Million Dollar Club

If we can knock out all the mortgages, while continuing to invest in our IRA’s and brokerage accounts, we should be there. Since Jim’s 401k and 403b plans are not that great, and there is no match, we see no need to try and add to those at this point.

I probably won’t post net worth that often, and I may take this post down if it feels uncomfortable. I’m curious to hear your thoughts.  If you must throw stones, do it softly.

Have you tracked your net worth? Why or why not?

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  1. YES! Love it!! Good for you for putting it all out there and tracking it 🙂 Feels good right? I mean, I know you want it to look better, but at least *knowing* where everything is? As you do them each month it’ll be fun to watch stuff go up and down and then look back over time at how far you’ve (hopefully) come 🙂

    Congrats! And welcome to the club!

  2. This is impressive! I’m not sure why you’re worried about holding that amount of cash. Cash isn’t a bad thing. You clearly have it marked for specific important purposes, and in any case it’s only 7% of your net worth. I think people get too worried about the interest rate their earning on money that really isn’t meant to grow. It’s meant to provide either near-term savings or protection. You’re doing great.

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