Halloween Humor: Random Things I’m Scared Of

If you read my weekly roundups, you might have seen a few of these already. I never know whether to do a serious post for holidays or not, so for Halloween, this is what you get. If you need a dose of personal finance, go read something at Work Save Live. Jason always has great stuff and is hosting a giveaway for his one year blogiversary!

Things That Really Scare Me

  1. Spiders. I know they eat flies, and I have a soft spot for Charlotte’s Web, but still.
  2. Log Trucks. Afraid the logs will roll off into my car.
  3. Anything that Turns from a Liquid to a Solid at Room Temperature. I had to leave the South because I was scared of gravy.
  4.  Birds. I have been bitten by a parrot, attacked by a chicken, and pooped on by some exotic bird in Florida. They are all out to get me.
  5. Neurologists. It is scary that anyone can be that smart, and if I need to go see one, that is scary in another way.
  6. Running out of Toilet Paper. If I don’t have at least a four pack, I honestly get anxious.
  7. Teenagers. I will have one in 8 years. I better get over this.
  8. The Fiscal Cliff. There have been so many posts about this lately. If you aren’t scared, you’re not paying attention.
  9. Green Gunk that Forms on Nosepads of Glasses. We call it nose cheese in my office. I can deal with any nasty eyeball, but green nose pads I have to pass to someone else.
  10. Polish Food. Who puts potatoes in noodles?
  11. Hurricanes. Turn on the news. I’ve never been so glad to live in a landlocked state.
  12. Losing my Teeth. Being from Kentucky, I have to avoid the stereotype. I have a recurring dream where my teeth fall out. Anyone want to analyze?
  13. Jury Duty. I have never been picked for a jury, but deciding someone’s fate freaks me out.
  14. Speedos. Do I need to elaborate?
  15.  A Southern Granny. I had two strong willed ones. If you didn’t fear them a little, you weren’t being very smart.

If you still want to follow my blog after that list, check in tomorrow for a sweet giveaway I’m participating in. You won’t regret it! Happy Halloween.

Don’t ever turn your back on a bird!


What are you afraid of?

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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of Snipon.com.


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