Health And Wealth Challenge: Week 3

Kit Kat's aren't good for fitness
I wish my kid would hurry up and eat this Kit Kat!

If you aren’t health or wealthy or trying to get there, I’m sure you’re bored with my last few Friday posts, but I’m determined to stay the course and complete Tonya’s Health and Wealth Challenge. I actually think I need to report to someone every month so I won’t lose the good habits I’ve been cultivating.

When I was younger, my Mom joined Weight Watchers a few times and always lost weight because she had to be weighed in front of people every week. Once she stopped, she always gained the weight back. I now understand the power or sharing with the public. I would have totally finished off that last Halloween Kit Kat if I didn’t have to report in!

In case you missed them, you can go back and read week 1 and week 2 if you want to track my progress.

Health: Nutrition

My main goal this week was to keep track of my eating with myfitness I did do that, and actually ate really well. I think. It’s hard to quantify some foods, like my cheesy chicken chowder that I make at home. I try to overestimate when in doubt.

I felt the need to snack more this week, but have managed to avoid most candy, chips, or unhealthy snacks, well, except for the limited edition Holiday Peppermint ice cream. Have I ever said how much I love peppermint ice cream? My Granny used to buy it for the grandkids this time of year, and I think it was as much nostalgia as taste.  I also drank way too much Diet Pepsi again. I think it’s hopeless.

Next week is Thanksgiving, and we are traveling. It will be a challenge to keep tracking all my food, but I hope I can stick with it. I will probably splurge a few times next week, but I’m OK with that as long as I get back on the wagon after the holiday.

Health: Exercise

Here are my workouts from this week with normal in black and added stuff in blue. This week, I’m proud to say that I got in four days of decent stretching and I tried to go for walks when I had the chance.

Saturday: Run 2 miles, 30 minutes on ellipitical trainer. Walk one mile while doing arm exercises with weights. 

Sunday: Jog/Walk/Sprint intervals for 3 miles, 25 minutes on ellipitcal. Stretch 10 minutes

Monday: Mean Monday Strength Class (Had lots of stretching). Walked 2 miles during lunch break. 

Tuesday: 50 minutes on elliptical trainer. Walk 1 mile. Stretch 10 minutes.

Wednesday: Spinning Class. Walk 1.5 miles while daughter is at dance class. 

Thursday: Run 1.5 miles. Elliptical 25 minutes. 10 minutes of stretching. 

Friday: Run 3 miles. 15 minutes legs/squats/lunges.

Next week, I hope to do something active every day. We’ll be in Phoenix, so I plan to do some hiking in the warm weather.


Our fourplex hit it’s first snag with the appraisal getting delayed. Apparently it’s a complex property, so they need more time. This will probably push our closing back a week, which is not the end of the world, but certainly stalls the momentum.

I did drop some stuff off  at the consignment store and picked up $30 from things previously sold.

I also was happy to have another post featured on Lifehacker. While that does not directly improve my wealth, an uptick in blog traffic is always a good thing.

For next week, my goal is to not be sucked into any Black Friday “deals.”

How are you going to stay on track with your health and wealth goals over Thanksgiving?


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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, hiking.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Try to still track what you eat despite the occasion. Or, would you like to take a break? maybe you could just catch up after the Thanksgiving. Whatever your decision Kim. I know you’re on the right track. Keep it up!

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