Things That Make Me Go Hmm

strangeI’ve done several posts this week if you count my two guest ones at BFS and Work Save Live. My original goal was to only publish on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but sometimes you just have too much to say. Actually yesterday’s post was supposed to be for today, and I screwed up the date when I scheduled it. I actually wrote another one but decided it was a better Monday post. To make up for my mistake, I’ll give you the day off from personal finance and share some things that make me go hmmmm…..

I will never understand why:

People think it’s OK to wear pajamas in public.

Dogs eat poop.

You only get behind slow cars when you are late.

Why anyone with the last name Dick would name their child Richard.

Five year olds can’t seem to wake up on school days, but pop up bright and early on Saturdays.

People use garages for storage and not for parking cars.

Soap operas are still on TV.

You need a drink holder on a lawn mower.

Everyone doesn’t like iced tea.

Men don’t mind nasty restrooms.

People buy things from infomercials.

David Hasselhoff was ever famous.

The US is the only modernized country that doesn’t teach a foreign language in primary school.

There are stores that sell rocks.

McDonalds always brings back the McRib sandwich.

Popcorn ceilings were ever popular.

Plumbers don’t wear suspenders.

Polish people are called Poles, but people from Holland aren’t called Holes.

What things completely baffle you?


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  1. Did you read my tweets on Saturday about leaving the house in PJs? hahaha
    Popcorn ceilings make a lot of sense from an aesthetic aspect actually. They cover a lot of imperfections in drywall, where they can be rather noticeable due to lighting, plus even more so when houses begin to settle. 🙂

    1. No kidding. Someone must. I also wonder about Swamp People and many of those shows. It seems all you have to do is be a bit odd or someone people might laugh at and you can get a reality show.

  2. This is hilarious!!! I’ve wondered most of these myself, but I can tell you why dogs eat poop. According to my vet (my dog had this issue as a puppy), mother dogs sometimes do this to clean up after their puppies. It’s an old “instinctual” thing that sometimes dogs (particularly females) don’t grow out of!

    1. I’ve had male and female dogs do it, especially deer poop. Makes me wonder what those deer were eating that tasted do good!

  3. Holes! I knew my ancestors were hiding a secret word….

    Drink holders rock on lawn mowers. It’s exhausting trying to get y beer not to spill AND mow at the same time.

  4. Why if women take three times longer to go to the toilet than men, are there the same number of male toilets (empty) than female (with a 3 people queue)?

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