House Selling Using Social Media, Does it Work?

Image credit: Angsulee
Image credit: Angsulee

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There comes a point in everyone’s life when an unused object or gadget must be sold. Back in the stone ages (when there was no internet) this could be a painfully tedious task! When the internet was born, some entrepreneurs came up with their own ideas on how to make this process easier, and buy and sell websites, such as Ebay and Amazon, were born.

Cellphones, gaming consoles, furniture, stuffed toys, cars, autographed basketball cards, pets, clothes, and Britney Spears’ hair are all examples of what you could commonly see on these retail websites. Though these items don’t seem to be of use to their owners anymore, they are not necessarily completely devoid of value. In fact, many people may actually find these items as treasures! Yes, even Britney’s hair!

What happens when you have to sell something BIG? Literally. Like say… a house? Add in the fact that the real estate business is not exactly at its finest right now. Is the internet still the place to turn  for help? Can you actually put a “House for Sale” sign in cyberspace? Yes, you can!

We all know that Social Media has been booming all over the globe in the forms of networks such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even LinkedIn. However, only some of us know that you can actually use these sites as tools to help sell your house!

There are 5 social media platforms that I would encourage you to take a serious look at, and these are:

1. Blogs

A blog is like your very own piece of land in the internet. It is your personal space where you can say, do, or write whatever you want. Blogging is great way to make your voice heard. This is why it can be such an amazing tool in selling your house. A blog about selling your house will notify your friends  and followers, and even has the potential to reach a great number of people through online sharing, which all increase your chances of finding a buyer.

2. Twitter

Twitter limits every post to 140 characters. How exactly can one sell a house with that sort of limitation? This might seem like a problem but in reality, it’s actually very beneficial for house sellers. People on Twitter are given direct, to the point information on the people they follow. Tweet about  selling your house, and that’s all they will see. Add that to the very effective ‘Hash tag’ system of Twitter, and you are able to reach out to an extremely wide number of possible buyers. #buymyhousenow

3. Facebook

Now who would have guessed that Facebook, the champion of all social media sites, could also be a great way to market your house? Facebook is the perfect place to sell anything. It does not matter if  you’re selling a car, used dryer lint, or a house! A quick post about your house for sale and a couple of pictures make a very quick way to let home buyers know about you! Your post will appear on the walls of your friends’ lists and. possibly, on their friends’ lists as well. Information on Facebook can go viral, which is why it is such an effective platform for selling practically anything!

4. LinkedIn

Believe it or not, the social media world is not limited to connecting on the basis of personal social interaction. There are also sites that host a network of serious people or as we like to call ourselves, professionals. LinkedIn is a great way to connect to people of similar interests who are in industries that interest you. You can find and connect to persons in the real estate field of expertise who will make it easier for you to get help in selling your house.

5. YouTube

YouTube is host to billions of videos from people all around the world! It’s just pure brilliance! Imagine being able to take hundreds of people on a virtual tour inside the house you are selling… all at the same time!  Since we are all aware of how YouTube and videos in general work, this is a challenge of creativity and efficiency.  A clear video that showcases the beauty of the house for sale will greatly increase your efficiency in searching for the right buyer.  On the other hand, a bad video will do the opposite, so be very careful.

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The power of Social Media will only continue to grow as the years pass. The strength that it already wields would have been unbelievable a few years ago. It is up to you how you will take advantage of technology in selling your house. Be creative, be smart, and make use of Social Media!

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