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various careers in IT

It’s no secret that the IT industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom. The sheer availability of jobs ensures that whole sector is currently a seller’s market. That is, the people who stand to gain the most from it are the ones who are currently on the lookout for gainful employment. Which is why it definitely helps to gain some perspective on the industry in order to grasp the similarities and differences between positions that might otherwise look quite similar at first glance. Dynamic Web Training have recently compiled data which reflect the salaries of 2015-16 IT industry roles on which this article is based. With that in mind, here are some of the top IT jobs as of right now:

1. IT Manager

Being an IT Manager requires one to possess the obligatory technical know-how of the department you’re running, but it also entails handling administrative duties as well. IT Managers often form a bridge between the upper management and the development team and are crucial to the success of any given project. This is reflected in the job’s pay, with entry level IT Managers making around A$50,000 and senior project management specialists earning A$162,000 or more.

2. IT Consultant

The consultancy sector is very well developed within the IT industry, probably owing to the fact that many experts prefer trading their knowledge as opposed to always exploiting their skills. Salaries are usually calculated on a per hour basis, but the overall level of earning potential is comparable to that of the IT Manager position. (A$43,000 – entry level; A$175,000 – senior level)

3. Support Technician

Someone has to ensure that the end user experience is an overall positive one, and this often-thankless job belongs to the support technician. They handle things like installing software and troubleshooting any technical issues that might arise. Wages begin at A$36,000 and climb steadily towards A$65,000.

4. User Interface Designer

UI Designers are responsible for how any given application looks and feels. They provide much-needed polish and always look to integrate new features seamlessly. Aside from knowing how to code, UI designers also need to have a good eye for proportions and a well-developed aesthetic. For this they are compensated accordingly, with salaries starting at A$49,000 and growing to A$100,000 according to their level of experience.

5. Web Developer

Web development is at the fulcrum of the IT industry right now. Almost everything is online or soon will be, including previously untouchable things like our refrigerators and washing machines. Being a web developer requires creativity, persistence and an insatiable drive to learn new things every day. Salaries begin at a relatively meager A$38,000 but can quickly cross into six-figure territory if a candidate is well versed in certain popular programming languages.

6. Web Designer

Web designing is a fairly specialised position in the modern IT industry. It revolves around the act of creating and coding web pages that fit the customer’s requirements. Employees in the field need to be able to master both the technical aspects of web pages as well as see their artistic value and potential. Indeed, a great web designer can make or break any given project, which explains why their salaries may start out relatively low at A$35,000 but can quickly balloon to A$120,000 or more.

7. Desktop Publisher

To put it simply, desktop publishers or graphic designers are in charge of making things look right. Tasks ranging from importing text and graphics to ensuring that everything is properly formatted all fall into the responsibilities of a desktop publisher. Still, even though the position only requires a bare minimum of programming knowledge, good desktop publishers are highly sought after and well compensated for their work. Salaries range from A$41,000 for entry-level positions all the way to A$82,000 for senior desktop publishers.

That wraps up our countdown of the most popular positions in IT right now. Of course, the entire sector is so well-developed at this point that there are a myriad jobs to cover every possible niche under the sun. Still, if you’re considering making the plunge into this most prosperous industry, remember that starting a career from scratch in the IT industry can seem like a daunting task. Still, while it does take quite a bit of hard work and dedication in order to get inside, it’s never really too late to start learning and trying out new things.


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