Interactive Time Clock for Smart HR Scheduling

hrtimeclockAmong the various crucial tasks the head HR must manage, task scheduling is always among the priorities. In fact, the success of any given project depends on the right allocation of tasks and maintaining realistic deadlines. The human resource manager needs to account for several key parameters in assigning work. These include employee experience, unique skill sets, running projects, and other practical factors such as hardware and software functions. One of the most challenging duties of the executive is to see that the assigned work is over in due time, and continuity of successive deadlines runs according to the schedule.

Always watchful

It is never an easy task as working with people has several realistic considerations, such as expecting sincere attendance to the workstation. In every office, one could find a few common faces frequently loitering in the smoking zone or at the coffee station. An employee time clock app may be just the exact solution to organize everything. Pro developers create digital products that would keep timed track of each employee in a unified color-coded format.

Assigning responsibility

The manager can generate and export a detailed report outlining timing figures, in its small and large details. The report would reflect log in & out timings, all the five minutes breaks taken, and the GPS whereabouts of the staff on the move. Furthermore, an integrated photo capture feature ensures there is complete honesty in punching the access cards by the designated person. In fact, a close analysis of these figures compared side by side with output quality serves as the best indicator to decide the right people for different jobs.

An ideal scenario

Suppose you have to deliver a quality project within a slightly wider deadline window. The aforementioned comparison would clearly show out the person who may work slower than others do but maintains impeccable quality consistently. Thus, you can identify the best candidate to trust on deadlines by various unique project requirements. Likewise, a project where the work needs to be done fast, you would easily locate the one who can comply effortlessly with urgent deadlines. Furthermore, the entire process status would be at your fingertips for instant verification anytime. As the time management product is available on both desktop and app variations, it significantly broadens the scope of schedule monitoring.

No breach of trust

The desktop protocol naturally allows optimum flexibility of resource management at office workstations. Apart from the auto-photo verification mentioned earlier, the geo-location features get you to keep track of any employee on the move for official reasons. It effectively offers an integral assistance against security breach by corporate espionage. Identifying the backdoor man leaking confidential information would be easy, delivered alongside incriminating evidence, down to the details in minutes and seconds.

An advanced employee time clock also includes a host of comprehensive security protocols such as restricted access, active data security by encrypted systems, backup, and offsite data protection compliant with the highest tech standards. Typical offsite integrity standards involve the implementation of SOC 1 Accounting standards, SSAE 16 Type II auditing, and ‘Safe Harbor’ by US/EU guidelines.

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