Keeping up with Maintenance to Avoid Having to Replace

You own many nice things. You own a home, a car and have many nifty gadgets that make your life easier and fun. But, if you don’t take care of them properly, these things can end up costing more. As a result, you may end up running up unnecessary debt. The good news is that if you maintain your valuable things they will perform better for longer.

Expensive gadgets and preventative measures 

Most people today own a computer, a cell phone or a tablet. These devices are very expensive and because of this, you should take every measure to protect them from damage. Your computer should have anti-virus software to prevent the dreaded blue screen. You should also use a separate outlet strip with a built-in surge protector to prevent a power failure, brownout or sudden surge from causing it to crash. Your tablet and your cell phone travel with you most places you go. Adding a protective cover isn’t to make a fashion statement, although they do come in awesome colors and patterns, but rather to protect it from drops and bangs.

The same goes for your screen. For instance, if you own a Galaxy, Galaxy screen protectors will prevent the glass from cracking. For short money, you’ll eliminate the need for having to purchase a new phone. Even if you have the insurance, a deductible still applies and this can mean a $100.00 or more out of your pocket.

Your home 

When you own a home there are many things that you need to maintain. Take your roof, for example, if you don’t clean off debris, remove mildew and trim back your trees, you could acquire wet spots. Over time these areas on your roof begin to give way due to the constant moisture. This can cause your roof to sag and even worse develop holes allowing water into your home. Plumbing is another area that many people simply don’t think about. Each year you should have a professional come out and check for leaks. If you live in a colder climate you should also put warmers on them when the outside temperature drops below freezing. Unfortunately, most people don’t give their pipes a second look, that is, until there’s a horrific leak in a basement. By this time the damage is extensive and to repair the damage can run into the thousands.

Relying on your vehicle

You use your car daily. It’s your means of transportation for work, shopping and your down time. Performing regular maintenance on things like your oil, tire pressure, fluids and spark plugs can save you from having to replace big ticket items like tires and an engine. It’s important to check your oil between changes, especially on an older vehicle to make sure that it’s clean and all there. Many older cars lose oil and if you get a couple of quarts down your reducing your gas mileage and putting added stress on your engine. The same goes for your tires. Every vehicle has a recommended pressure that’s in line with the weight of the vehicle. When you fall below that level you’re putting you and your loved ones at risk for an accident.

In addition to checking the air pressure, you also need to rotate the tire every so many thousands of miles. If you don’t, you’ll end up with uneven wear and have to replace them a lot sooner than you should. Again, this ends up costing you additional money.

Every home should have an emergency fund set aside for repairs and maintenance that comes along. If you take the steps and spend the small amounts of money to maintain and protect common items in your home, your auto and your electronic devices, in the end, you’ll end up spending far less.

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