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Hanging Lake, CO

Hopefully today, I’m hiking up to Hanging Lake or biking along the Colorado River. Jim had a work trip this week and we are joining him for a little mini-vacation. Sometimes the best vacations are in your own backyard! I thought this would be a good chance to share some life updates. I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat.

Foster Dog Update

Foster dog Blake got adopted right before Memorial Day. We usually give adoptions a few weeks to make sure they stick, and it looks like this one is a done deal. His new family loves him and have renamed him Dobby after the house elf in Harry Potter. I would be lying if I said I didn’t almost have a mini panic attack turning him over to strangers. They had a big dog with a history of aggression toward other alpha dogs. This dog was not a alpha, so we were hopeful. I still had dreams about Blake getting ripped to shreds. It seems they get along fine and my fears were for nothing. It’s so good not to be a foster failure!

Saver Express Probably is a Scam

If you remember, Jim and I went to a vacation club presentation last year to get two free flights and a hotel stay. The promotion made it sound like we could go anywhere in the US. In actuality, the rules were a bit more complicated,and we had to pay a deposit and choose two possible destinations greater than 45 days apart. Then, we had to  wait until a month before our requested dates to find out if our trip was approved. Well, neither of our first two picks were available. We chose Albuquerque to San Francisco in April as our first choice and ABQ to Philadephia in June as our second pick. The letter that denied us said we would have better luck if we chose a destination that is not across the country. I do agree that Philly is cross country, but NM to CA would all seem to be in the West to me. I guess I never was that great at geography.

I emailed the company to ask if we could just take the hotel stay and provide our own transportation.  I was told that wasn’t possible. The rep encouraged us to cancel and take back our $100 fee that was required for our “free” trip. I think that’s how they play the game. Deny people and hope we’ll cancel. Since I am determined to play this out, I requested two new destinations and am back to the waiting game. Maybe it would work better if we lived near a hub airport? Anyway, it’s much easier just to use points and miles for free travel. I would never do this again.

I’ve Been Working Too Much

Because I’m pretty much a part time doc these days, I get asked to fill in when other docs I work with take vacation. A few months ago, this sounded great. Now, it’s not so fun. I know it’s a first world problem to be complaining about working full time, but when you’ve been 3 days a week for over a year, it’s hard to go back. The good news is that I will have quite a bit more income once summer is done. The bad news is that I am not getting to spend as much time with my daughter as I thought I would.

This summer has really made me think about priorities.  I really want to be financially independent so I won’t have be a yes man to every extra day of work that comes my way. I can side hustle all I want, but my day job still pays much better than anything I’ve found. I feel like a hypocrite to turn down more money. Maybe if we had fewer bills, I’d be better about it?

Investing VS Paying Off Our House

I know I’ve been worse than a politician when it comes to flip-flopping and the great debate about paying off our mortgage. On paper, it makes so much more sense to sock away as much as we can into my solo 401K for the tax benefits. In reality, if we had no mortgage, I could probably quit work today. I’m not saying I would, but I could work much less. If I wait 6 to 8 more years, as our current mortgage payoff plan dictates, my kiddo will be a teenager and probably won’t need me around so much. Looking from another perspective, if I was home every day now, would we take our time for granted and feel like we had more fun when I worked more?

If we put all my income into paying off the mortgage, I think we could do it in 2 years, but we’d lose those investments and pay lots more in taxes. What is the right choice? I’m sure all working mothers have this dilemma. I guess until the house is paid off, we’ll keep having this discussion,whether that’s 2 or 8 years. I hope you don’t get tired of my wishy-washiness!

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  1. Oh you look after foster dogs? How wonderful. We’ve been thinking of fostering Standard Poodles, but hubster says he thinks he will get too attached. It could be a blessing in disguise because we kind of want to get another one anyways. We’ve been putting it off due to debt and expenses. I feel like I flip flop about the dog like you do about your mortgage / investments! 😉

    1. We’ve fostered a few times and usually end up keeping the dog because we do get attached. I think we are to a point where we want to travel as much as possible and having multiple dogs makes that very hard. We really were determined to find this one a good home, and we did. I feel better about my abilities in the future because this one worked out really well.

  2. Hanging Lake looks SO beautiful, Kim!! Hope you have a great weekend. I’d pay off the mortgage if I were you, but that’s just me. 🙂 BTW, I think we found a good eye doc up here!! Took the little kids in last week, and Maddie and I are going in this week. We’ll see.

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