How Live Video Chat Helps Employee Relations

Most people have now felt the benefits of remote working from home at least some of the time and opening up their hiring options to work with colleagues and collaborators from throughout the world. Using the best group video chat from BlueJeans has been hugely responsible for this move, allowing cheap and easy communication that wasn’t economical before. One downside that people often point out is the lack of natural working relationships that are built in a regular workplace from meeting face to face every day. But working remotely doesn’t have to get rid of these working relationships altogether. You can still use conferencing software to build employee relations even from overseas. Here are just a few ways and their benefits:

Using Mobile Devices

Colleagues don’t only need their work machines to access conferencing software. They don’t even need their home computers all of the time. Modern systems are diverse enough that they can be used on all mobile devices so long as they have an internet connection, webcam, and microphone. These features now come as standard on all devices. This means that colleagues can now stay in touch from anywhere, even while traveling, using their personal devices that they also use for accessing e-mail, making phone calls, and organizing their work.

Round the Clock Working

This doesn’t mean that people need to be available and to work at all hours of the day. Video Conferencing Guide says that one of the biggest advantages of online meetings is that the software can be accessed at all times of day and night thanks to multiple time zones. This means you can reach clients and colleagues in different time zones, have projects completed while you are sleeping, and allow people to manage their time effectively. They can complete their work at whatever hours are best for them and still switch off and focus on their personal lives when at their convenience. Allowing for flexible working hours improves people’s work/life balance, makes them more productive, and results in better quality work.

Cut Down on Arguments

Nobody particularly likes long meetings, but they are an essential part of working culture, even for the remote team. One particular turn off is productive meetings that descend into arguments, which make the discussion take longer and fail to achieve anything. They can easily result in tension within the work team and make it difficult for people to work together. Arguments during meetings can be cut down upon in a live video feed as there are options for the moderator to mute microphones so that everyone can focus on the current speaker. This allows everybody to express their opinions without rudely interrupting others or causing conflicts. It also means that meetings can be completed on time so that everybody can return to their jobs without delay.

Information Sharing

Nothing is worse for business people than waiting for a file they need or losing their sent files so that others can’t receive them. It is another thing that can result in pointless and damaging arguments. Buzzle says that another big advantage of video conferencing is easy file sharing in real time. Saving video files of meetings and uploading them to online cloud storage means that nobody needs to be caught up later. Accessing files easily on the cloud makes for easy distribution of essential files and information.

Live Remote Working

Video conferencing software isn’t only useful for business meetings. Many remote colleagues can use live video chat to collaborate on joint projects in real time, no matter how far apart their physical locations. Phone calls would be too expensive. Long e-mail chains aren’t always the best way to collaborate on some projects. Letters can easily get lost. Failure to check in with colleagues regularly could result in mistakes that take a long time to fix. Working on projects remotely through webcams allows people to work together cheaply and effectively, whether it is one-on-one or within groups. They can even leave their webcams on throughout the day so that they always have someone to speak to, consult with, and can keep an eye on each other’s work and provide instant feedback. But they don’t need to feel as if they are being spied on. The software is flexible enough that they can easily switch off and work alone when they need to, allowing them to experience the best of both worlds.

There are many advantages that online conferencing, video streaming, and live video chats can benefit remote work teams and allow them to complete quality work and build strong friendships and working bonds even if they can’t always be in the room together. If your company hasn’t done this already, make things flexible for your remote team, and allow them to work alone when they need to and in a remote group at other times. You will see it has numerous benefits to everybody in your company and will help prepare you for the future.


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Snipon is owned and run by a small team who love to find deals on a dime along with the best sweepstakes and giveaways out there. We’re always scrolling the internet for the latest offers to share them with our community. Sign up for our weekly newsletter so you don’t miss another freebie!
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