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With the recent explosion of new technology, software and online networks, it has never been so easy to make money by being social! Yes, that’s right, one of the leading industries in technological advancement is social media. Not only has the social media been generating popularity over the last few years, but new platforms have taken shape, and tech savvy consumers are noticing…and hopping on the bandwagon!

Three of the hottest social media platforms that are expected to see financial growth and social interaction in 2013 are YouTube, Tumblr and Fiverr. If you’re looking to make money, here’s where you’ll want to start!


Founded by three former PayPal employees in 2005, YouTube is one of the largest video sharing sites in cyberspace. Nowadays, YouTube is the video content hub of all social media platforms, but how does one profit from uploading videos? According to an article from, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start making bank. First, understand that content is king, make sure you upload videos that are interesting and appealing to most audiences. Second, be patient and be consistent.

You may not hit the 100 thousand subscriber mark in your first month, but keep uploading…and have fun! Third, link all your social media accounts to your YouTube channel and promote yourself. The more people know about you, the more chance of subscribers you can lure to your channel. Lastly, have a good camera. You don’t need to have quality equipment, but a good camera is visually appealing to new audiences. In the end, you’ll attract subscribers and catch the eye of several advertisers and start making some serious cash.


If you think you can produce interesting content and pictures? Try out Tumblr, a social platform that allows people to share their interests with others. Much like blogging sites such as Blogspots or WordPress (Yes, same rules apply), generating income from sites such as Tumblr requires an increase in viewership, your site being used as reference from other sites (relationship building and hyperlinking), and advertisers. Be very strategic with the content you post, only upload quality material and stick to a minimum limit of 250 words. Stick to these guidelines and you’ll be generating income in no time!


If you’re a person of many skills, Fiverr may just be for you. Starting with a base pay of $5, the site is structured to sell your services ( uploading marketing videos, writing a review about your business or even recording a voice message in a cartoon voice) to people across the country. As you start getting more gigs, your service base pay increases and you earn more opportunities to promote yourself or your services. With consistency and proper promotion, you can really make a smart, quick buck off of this revolutionary social media platform.

If you’re planning on using any social media platforms for profit, make sure you have a reliable form of online payment processing services such as E-Complish . You wouldn’t want to spend hours working on a project that could potentially merit a few bucks and have that cash sitting in your social media account without claiming.

With an ever-evolving digital age, you can be certain to find many more opportunities in the near future that deal with social media. The overall theme of all these platforms are quality content, consistency and patience. If you cultivate all these three, you’ll make it big on the world wide web.

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