Quick Ways To Make Extra Money Before the Holidays

making extra money

With less than two months until the holidays, it’s time to start planning for gifts, travel, and festivities. Americans spent almost $800 on holiday gifts  alone last year. We all want to be able to enjoy the season and buy loved ones things they need and want, but that doesn’t mean going into debt. Here are some quick ways to make extra money before the holidays so you won’t find yourself still making payments on that iPhone next December.

Take a Seasonal Job

There are tons of seasonal opportunities between now and the end of the year. Most retail businesses add temporary employees for the holiday season. Catering, cleaning, and event planning companies might also need extra help. Extra money can be made from decorating, wrapping, and even shopping for other people. The possibilities are many when it comes to seasonal work during this time of year.

Sell Your Old Jewelry

If you have old jewelry you no longer wear, selling it could be a great way to earn extra money for the holidays. No one wants to think their marriage is going to last for any amount of time short of forever, but reality says that half of marriages end in divorce. That makes for a lot of unused engagement rings lying around!

Why not use a company like Diamond Lighthouse to sell your engagement ring for top dollar? Getting rid of bad memories while making money is a great way to start over.

If you have old gold or silver jewelry, it can also be sold by the ounce. I made a good chunk of change when I sold my old 80’s gold chains and charm bracelet. I can always watch Pretty in Pink if I need a reminder of that decade.

Pet Sitting

If you don’t plan on traveling this holiday season, consider pet sitting for friends or neighbors who are going away.You could also offer your services to an already established pet sitting company if you want to avoid seeking out clients on your own. There is no shortage of people looking for quality pet care this time of year.  


Parents with small children are sometimes in dire straits when day care centers close during the holidays. If you don’t have a traditional day job, babysitting could be a great way to pick up extra money during the week before and after Christmas. Parents are also looking for evening sitters to watch kids while they attend holiday functions or get their own shopping done. Start by offering your service to people you know and watch how word of mouth spreads once you’re established as responsible and reliable.


By this time of the year, first quarter report cards have gone out and many parents are looking for some extra help to bring up deficient grades. If you have skills in a particular subject and are good with kids, there are plenty of opportunities to make money as a tutor. As with babysitting, once you’ve become established, referrals will continue to come in, even after the holidays.

Making Extra Money is Addictive

Whether you take a seasonal job, sell an unwanted diamond, or offer your services with kids or pets, the ways to make quick money for the holidays are plentiful. You might even find that making side income is addictive and continues long after all the tinsel and holiday ornaments have been put away.  


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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of Snipon.com.

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