Making Extra Money With Deliv

making extra money as a delivery driver
Make extra money with Deliv

There are probably thousands of people thinking about making extra money for the holiday season and beyond. Fortunately, there are lots of opportunities. You could do things like take a seasonal retail job, cater food for holiday parties, or pet sit for those who are traveling. While all of those are excellent options, a new and easy way to earn extra money could be as simple as using your cell phone and car for a few hours a week. Deliv is a new service that offers same day shipping from many retailers for the cost of standard 3-5 day delivery. They are hiring drivers as we speak!

What Is Deliv?

The Deliv website explains their service in full detail, but basically, it allows customers to choose  a same day delivery option from the existing checkout process whether shopping in stores, by phone, online or by mobile. The buyer gets to decide when and where they would like their purchase delivered. I would love to have this option as other major shipping companies are not even close to reliable in many instances.

Benefits of Using Deliv

  • Speed-When you choose Deliv, you are able to pick an exact two hour window for delivery.
  • Visibility-When waiting for your package from Deliv, you get a tracking code and URL, plus a picture of the driver. You are also able to watch the progress real-time on an online map.
  • Affordability-Deliv offers same day delivery at the same price as standard 7-10 day shipping from many merchants.

How Can I Make Money With Deliv?

Deliv allows qualified drivers the ability to use a smartphone app to accept and complete deliveries when they become available. You can offer as much or as little time as you choose. Drivers can sign up a week in advance for priority and a set delivery schedule, or they can sign up at the last minute for same day deliveries. Deliveries are bundled into routes to make travel more efficient.

As for compensation, it varies depending on location, but Deliv’s website says drivers tend to average between $20-$22 per hour if there are deliveries. I would imagine the holiday season would be one of the busier times for this type work.

What Do I Have To Do To Qualify As a Driver?

Potential drivers have to fill out an online application and pass a background check. You need to own a car that is a 1998 or newer model with at least two doors and 4-seat capacity or larger. Drivers must be 18 or older in California, Washington D.C., or Illinois and 21 or older in other states. You also need car insurance, a valid driver’s license, and you must be able to lift 50 pounds.

Where Is Deliv Available?

Deliv is a new company that seems to be growing at a pretty rapid pace. As of mid-October, they provide services to these areas with plans for expansion next year.

  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Downtown Chicago
  • Oakbrook
  • Glendale
  • Santa Monica
  • Washington D.C
  • Houston
  • Seattle
  • Wayne, NJ

Is Deliv A Good Option For Me?

If you have a smartphone, a car, a good driving record, and live in one of these cities, I would think the flexibility and earning potential would be great with Deliv. To me, it would certainly beat working at K-mart while fighting stressed out holiday shopping warriors!

Have you ever considered making money with your car? Has anyone  ever worked for a delivery service?




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  1. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, but I do think I should point out a few things:

    1. If you’re doing any amount of delivery, you technically need to notify your insurance company. It will jack rates up. You can obviously decide not to, but if they find out an accident happened while you were on a delivery, I believe they can refuse to pay.

    2. The hourly rate is *if there’s a delivery* which is a very different thing than $20 an hour period. It could also be an average. So, great, you make $10 for a half hour’s work, but that’s not the money you were expecting. And it could be the only one you get all day.

    3. Wear and tear (and gas). If you do get a bunch of work, you will be putting more wear on your car and using more gas.

    4. Taxes! You’re probably a self-employed person. That means you pay both ends of FICA and have to make estimated payments in any quarter you worked.

    Just things to consider. It sounds like a lot of money, and if you can get a decent amount of jobs, it might well be worth it.

    1. Those are all very good points and ones a person should think about before jumping into any job requiring use of your own personal vehicle. Regarding your insurance, the website does say that Deliv provides a commercial policy that kicks in if your insurance company does not respond to claims. I would still want to make sure my own coverage was adequate. I imagine it’s lots like being an Uber driver. If you can work during busy times or times when no one else wants to work, you’ll make more.

  2. lol they got a hold of me asking me if I wanted to work with them on a review or driving. There was something tiny in the back of my mind that considered the driving thing since they are in santa monica, but then I realized how much I hate driving period around LA and how it’s already stressful, not to mention being under a time crunch and trying to find places. In the end, it’s not for me. But a great idea for other people!

    1. I would have to cherry pick my routes. If the neighborhood was sketchy at all, I’d say no thanks. If we did have delivery drivers here, the biggest risk would be running over a deer or getting attacked by livestock!

  3. I thought about giving Deliv a try, having to do a video interview was a an extra step. I would still consider it, just to try something different. I’m not sure the $20/hour is worth it driving through the streets of Chicago though.

    1. I’ve never really driven in Chicago. I guess sitting in traffic might not be worth $20 an hour, although if you don’t mind it, I think it could be a good way to earn money without having to put out a whole lot of time or training.

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