Making Life Easier with My American Express Platinum Card

travel rewards with American Express PlatinumI was looking for a new credit card last year after receiving an invitation for a family reunion across the country. I was really interested in going, of course, but I had recently put down several thousand on starting a new business. I decided to look for a way put the trip on credit, and also get some great rewards in the process. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon the American Express Platinum Card on To be honest, I have always thought about Visa and MasterCard when applying for credit cards, so when my parents mentioned American Express, I had to think about it for a moment. After all, this was new territory for me. Thank goodness I took my parents advice!

First of all, the application process was extremely simple for this card. It only took a few minutes, which is good, since I don’t have a ton of time to waste since starting my own business. As soon as I got the card in the mail, I used it to purchase my airline tickets to the family reunion. It was easier than I expected thanks to American Express Travel, their own travel agency. Yes, you get access to this as an American Express Platinum holder, and it is only one of many perks. The agents are available 24/7, which was great because the day I called, I was coming in from a late night in my office, and though I was going to do this online, this was a much better option.

The very friendly agent booked me on Delta Airlines and informed me that, with this card, I would have access to the Delta Sky Club. This was a big relief because I had a rather lengthy layover at one of the airports I was flying through during my travels, and it would be nice to have some comfortable surroundings while I was there.

Another thing the agent informed me of was that she could also book a hotel for me when I arrived at my reunion location. She also said upon arriving, because I held this card, I would get exclusive benefits like noon check-in, room upgrade if available, complimentary breakfast for two and a complimentary massage at the hotel’s spa. On top of all that, she was able to schedule a rental car for me with another complimentary upgrade. So just in the first day of having this card, not only was I able to book a great fare for my upcoming reunion, but I got a hotel and rental car with upgrades! I was amazed!

A few days later, I discovered even more perks of this card. One of my boyfriend’s favorite bands announced that they would be coming to our area, but I knew that getting tickets might be an issue. That same day, I just happened to get an email from American Express about my new card, and took a look at some of the other perks. One of them caught my eye in moments. You could buy VIP packages through American Express for concerts, and one of them was the exact show my boyfriend wanted to see. Not only was I able to take care of buying the tickets quickly, I had found the perfect gift for his upcoming birthday. In order to make it extra special, I also took advantage of the limousine program that American Express Platinum offered and got double points on each dollar I spent.

As my family reunion crept closer, I decided that I also was going to need a few new outfits to take along with me. It was then that I discovered the shopping perks of the American Express Platinum. First, I got one point for each dollar I spent by using my card. They were also able to help me find the perfect clothes thanks to their program known as the InCircle program. When I enrolled, they informed me that when I use my card at Neiman Marcus, one of my favorite department stores, I would be earning points with each purchase. When I hit 10,000 points, I would additionally get a $100 gift card! I also had access to a concierge shopping service which was very impressive. They helped me choose the perfect gift for my parents as I didn’t want to show up to the reunion empty handed.

I was so impressed with this card when I first received it, and I continue to be as I discover more perks. It has really been a lifesaver, and it has certainly helped me to keep track of my expenses and save a lot of time. The customer service employees are extremely helpful, and they have answered all of my questions completely. I am quite positive that I will be enjoying the benefits of the American Express Platinum Card for many years to come.

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  1. Did you get any sign on bonus with the Amex platinum? Ive been wanting to upgrade my gold but can’t figure out how to get the 100k sign on bonus which i’ve heard about.

    1. You’d have to apply for a new platinum card. We got a targeted offer for the 100,000 points, but the standard offer right now is 40,000 MR points.

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