How to Manage Remote Workforce with Video Conferencing

working remotely to promote efficiencyTelecommuting is becoming increasingly popular among workers that want to enjoy flexibility and dynamic employment opportunities. Many companies are already embracing this new possibility because of the advantages it provides—access to a global talent pool and limited cost per hire.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, 3.3 million people in the US (apart from self-employed individuals) consider their home as the primary place of doing work. These people represent 2.6 percent of the US workforce. Telework has increased by nearly 80 percent since 2005, and while the size of the workforce has decreased, telecommuting is on the rise.

In addition, 2.8 million people work from home as self-employed professionals. These people are either freelancers or they join teams for specific project execution. The number of people enjoying such possibilities is growing all the time, which is shaking traditional employment models.

Is your company considering the recruitment of remote employees? If so, you’ll have to find new methods of management and communication. Video conferencing opportunities like the ones provided by Blue Jeans Network deliver new options that should go hand in hand with the recruitment revolution.

 Establish Rules, Build Trust

Nearly 80 percent of workers consider telecommuting to be a great bonus. In order to make it work, however, these professionals need a lot of guidance. Putting emphasis on accountability and rule establishment are both crucial for efficiency. Both of these goals can be achieved through the use of video conferencing technology.

Remote managers will often find it difficult to guarantee a high level of productivity. This is one of the main challenges stemming from the replacement of the traditional employment model with remote team dynamics.

Making sure that workers are not ignoring their responsibilities becomes much easier through the use of video conferencing technology. Having a daily meeting to discuss tasks, progress, and obstacles that workers are experiencing will be sufficient to keep track of the entire process and to boost accountability.

Video conferencing should also be used to build trust when it comes to remote team members. The Blue Jeans network technology can be used to discuss important tasks at hand, but it can also turn into the perfect tool for having a casual chat during the daily coffee break. Such interactions help remote workers feel integrated, and this integration boosts creativity and commitment.

 Introduce New Workers to the Company Culture

Getting access to international talent is great, but how do you make these people feel a part of the team? Video conferencing technology is once again your best friend.

It’s important for all team members to know each other and to feel at ease about communicating with managers and sharing their ideas. You can schedule weekly “meetings” to enforce the corporate culture and familiarize new team members with corporate values and beliefs.

Make sure that all relevant team members take part in these weekly meetings. It’s important to build professional relationships between the different teams and entities that will have to interact with each other. Getting these people to send emails back and forth will not be sufficient to build the ties and establish the personal connections that are so essential for team work.

Many businesses rely on the efforts of multiple teams located in other countries. These companies have somehow managed to overcome the obstacles stemming from the distance. They have done so by consistently communicating corporate values and keeping team members interacting with each other. The selection of video communication is a simple, cost-efficient and flexible opportunity for accomplishing just that.

 Make Training a Central Part of Your Employee Retention Program

Building trust is more difficult when it comes to relying on telecommuting. This is why many companies that have embraced a global approach towards talent acquisition and management have to deal with frequent team changes.

Making employee training a central part of the employee retention program will boost loyalty, even if workers are located thousands of miles away. The Blue Jeans network video conferencing solution can be utilized to carry out workshops, seminars, and productive educational discussions.

It’s no longer necessary for employees to be physically present at the office in order to benefit from the corporate know-how and the extensive resources that other team members have access to. Virtual communication simplifies the task of exchanging vital data and giving remote workers access to the tools that they need to do a good job.

Finally, remember that the success of your employee retention and management effort depends on having a strategy. Video conferencing solutions provide excellent tools, but you need to have a good idea about how to utilize the technology. What types of communication will boost productivity? How can you increase engagement and speed up remote team member integration? Thinking about these challenges in advance and knowing how to make full use of new technology will help you globalize the team and enjoy the full benefits of such an innovative human resource management approach.



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Snipon is owned and run by a small team who love to find deals on a dime along with the best sweepstakes and giveaways out there. We’re always scrolling the internet for the latest offers to share them with our community. Sign up for our weekly newsletter so you don’t miss another freebie!
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