Miche Handbag Review and Giveaway

Miche handbag review

I guess it’s safe to say that I’m not really a girly girl. I don’t get excited over shoes and handbags. I honestly can’t tell the difference between a purse that costs $50 vs one that costs $2000. I think it should be a crime to pay 4 figures for a handbag, but I guess if that’s what you value and can afford it, knock yourself out. I am, however, often in professional situations where my Jansport mini-backpack just won’t cut it. Often a first impression is what counts, fair or not. A couple of years ago, I decided to get a big girl purse, but it had to also pass my test for holding 14 million kiddo things while also looking stylish, being durable, and not costing a fortune. Enter the Miche handbag.

Miche was kind enough to send me a cute clutch ( I learned some handbag terms in writing this  post) to try out and review, but I already have been using their products for a while. The neat thing about Miche is that you buy the internal shell, called a base bag, which holds all your stuff, and then you can buy outer shells to either swap out your look or to replace a worn out shell without having to buy a whole new bag. I actually have not changed my shell in almost two years, and it still looks pretty good to me. I have a backup just waiting to make my purse look new again when the need arises.

I think this bag suits the sensible person who wants a product that lasts a long time or the person who wants a new look with each outfit. Since I just graduated to a big girl purse, I’m not to the fashion plate arena just yet, but who knows what time will bring?

Base bags sell for about $35-$39, depending on the size, and new shells start at around $11 and go up, depending on how fancy you want to be. The other really nice thing is that it only takes about a minute to switch shells. You don’t have to switch all the contents of your purse to change looks. I don’t do a ton of product reviews, but this is one I wholly believe in and am thankful to have found.

Since Miche was kind enough to supply a clutch bag and shell for this review, I’m going to pass it alone to one lucky reader. The Giveaway ends at 12AM Mountain Standard Time on Monday, April 14th. Only those living in the continental US that have a physical address are eligible. Sorry, no PO boxes. Good luck!

Miche base bag and shell

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