20/20 Posts of the Week- Midlife Crisis Edition

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I think I might be having a mid life crisis. I’ll be 40 on my next birthday. Isn’t that when things like this start to crop up? Ever since we returned from vacation, I have an overwhelming desire to sell most of my possessions, including the house I am sitting in right now, and travel the country in an Airstream trailer.

I know it sounds crazy, and I won’t even consider it now because I wouldn’t take my daughter out of school to become a vagabond, but it will only be 11 years until she is done with high school. That seems like plenty of time to get this plan together!

Jim is still in the eye rolling stage at the moment, but if he can give up satellite TV, he can surely give up a primary residence, right? He loves to see new things as much as I do, and I’m sure I can convince him to hit the road.

I’m hoping by sharing this with the world I will either see how ridiculous it sounds and move on, or it will make me start planning. All of you who have taken a psychology class in your lives, please weigh in and tell me if I am truly having a crisis or if this is a viable plan?

Happy Birthday to Me!

Eyes on the Dollar turned one this week, and I am giving away $100 in PayPal cash to celebrate. Make sure you enter.

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These kind bloggers were nice enough to mention my posts or giveaway this week. You can come with us in the trailer if you want. Let me know if I missed you.

Little Miss Mogul, Evolving Personal Finance, Broke Millennial, and Frugal Rules.

Fun Search Terms

how much money is a small town optometrist worth– I’ve actually never had myself appraised.

how much is emergency room eye– Sorry, they don’t sell eyes at the ER or anywhere else that I know of.

I’m having fake bake tan but have had botox– I’m sure you look lovely.

so this is it now it’s colder can’t take my eyes off you- Sounds like a Neil Diamond song.

20/20 Posts of the Week

Disney Cruise Review and Vacation Money Lessons at The Heavy Purse. I want to go on a Disney Cruise now!

Being a Day Laborer Sucks at Snark Finance. I would have to agree, but maybe I could get Joehondo to come do some work on my house flip. I bet he would at least show up.

10% Blog Income Pledge: Sponsor a Child at Reach Financial Independence. Pauline is going to become the next Oprah.

One Year of Being Credit Card Free at Debt Roundup. Congratulations!

 Super Cheap Hobbies For People on a Budget at Monster Piggy Bank. I don’t know how to surf or play cricket, and I’m scared of most birds, but the others seem fun.

Have a great weekend!

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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, hiking.


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