5 Top Money Tips for Women

money tips for women

It is said that money rules the world. I don’t know if that is true or not, but it does seem to rule relationships. It can cause disagreements and even divorce or separation when opinions differ about how finances should be handled.

Women who are married are almost always at a disadvantage to their spouses or partners when it comes to money. Their husbands usually make more and oftentimes control the money in the relationship. As a result, women get less exposure to handling finances, investing, and saving.

Regardless of the reasons women don’t manage money as often as men, they do need to correct the issue. One way is to do this is to use these money tips for women.

1. Make Your Own Money

If you are married, one way you can keep marital bliss is to make your own money. That way even if a portion of it goes toward the household bills you still have some money for your own use.

For instance, let’s say something happens to your spouse and he can no longer work. If you have a job already, maybe you could ask for more hours to help cover expenses. Or, you might be able to look for a different position that offers higher pay or promotion.

But if you don’t have a job already and have very little to no experience it may be hard to find a job. Then you will also be short on money for bills with no way to pay them.

2. Learn to Manage Your Money

Do you handle the finances in your household? If not, you need to work on learning to manage your money.

Many women end up single at some point in their lives due to differing circumstances. That’s why learning to manage your money is one of the top money tips for women.

Should you end up on your own suddenly you will be in a world of hurt if you have no idea how to handle your finances. But you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.  You can ask a friend or someone else you trust for help in learning to handle money.

3. Don’t Value Things Over Peace of Mind

Of course you want to have nice things because everyone does. But you shouldn’t let your value of things be higher than having financial peace of mind. You must put higher importance on understanding and managing money than on owning stuff.

If your television still works do you have to go out and purchase the latest and greatest flat screen when it hits store shelves? Do you have to trade your car in every two or three years for a newer model? Instead of spending money on these things, invest and pay down debt.

4. Earn More, Spend Less

Another of the top money tips for women is to earn more but at the same time spend less. So, not only should you make and manage your own money, you should strive to spend less than you earn.

That can mean learning to live more frugally and denying yourself of some of the things you want to have but don’t necessarily need to have.

5. Set Aside Money for the Future

You never know what tomorrow will bring. That’s why one of the top money tips for women is to set aside some additional money in case of emergencies. This money should equal at least 6 months of the income needed to pay all of your bills if you should find yourself unable to work. Of course, for unexpected needs, online loans are a smart and fast option, because they are very flexible and don’t affect your credit rating in any way.

Certainly women don’t handle money nearly as much as men do. But that shouldn’t prevent them from trying to change that trend. They can use these tips to learn how to manage money and have a more secure future.

Do you have any other money tips for women?

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  1. Everyone should know how to budget and save money. It is part of “growing up” and taking responsibility for ones self.

    On comment I would like to make is, that if you are in a relationship, it is very important that both of you are communicating about finances and have the same goals.

    The best laid plans can be trashed if there is no communication.

  2. I think everyone should earn their own money. You feel great when you have your own and are bringing something to the table. Whenever I hear people complaining about money, but are not willing to work more in any capacity I want to always say this to them; in the illustrious words of financial expert Suze Orman: Are you kidding me?


  3. I think it’s so, so important for married partners to jointly operate their finances. It’s so easy to let your husband take over (particularly if you’re like me and hate numbers). But you need to be informed about your money!

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