How Much Money Can You Save with BillSnip?

How Much Money Can You Save with BillSnip?

Saving money seems to be a hot topic these days. It’s written about frequently and many people are constantly searching for new and better ways to save.

Although there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s a point when it becomes difficult to cut your budget any further so you can save more. Once that happens, you might think there’s nothing more you can do to increase your savings.

However, what if you could make one more change that could increase your monthly savings and gain you some additional cash? Billsnip could be your answer.

You may be wondering just how much money you can save with Billsnip. Below we will talk about how it works as well as what you could be saving.

How to Save with Billsnip

1. Gather What You Owe

If you have already trimmed your budget down I will assume you already have a good filing system in place for your bills. Therefore, in theory, you shouldn’t have much trouble gathering what you owe.

However, if you tend to stack up invoices and statements rather than filing them, now is a good time to fix that problem. Separate what is owed from what isn’t. File what is paid.

Take the remaining bills and look for ones that Billsnip can help you with. Some examples are cable bills, storage unit invoices, cand cell phone bills just to name a few.

2. Send it in

Send any bills you think Billsnip can help you with. You can snap a picture with your smart phone and send it by text. Or, email it on your computer instead.

3. What if You Aren’t Sure it Qualifies?

Don’t let uncertainty keep you from sending a bill. Send it in regardless of your doubt. Billsnip will review it and if they can’t help you, they won’t charge you. This is another way Billsnip saves you money.

4. Why Use Billsnip?

Calling creditors isn’t something all people are good at. If you tend to trip over your own tongue, consider allowing Billsnip to call them for you.

In addition, Billsnip has trained negotiators that can get the kind of bill reductions you need. They have the experience to save you money and help you reach your savings goals.

5. Wait for Billsnip to do the Work

You don’t have to call any creditors yourself. Simply wait for Billsnip to do the work. They will review your bills and figure out how much they can save you from calling your ceditors.

How Much Can Billsnip Save You?

Because Billsnip doesn’t get paid when they don’t help you, the risk for using them goes down. In addition, I couldn’t find anything that indicated they have a cap on how much they can save you.

The limiting factor seems to be how quickly you can gather your bills and send them in. However, they are going to take half of what they save you as their fee and to cover their expenses. You can lower this by 10%, though, if you pay their whole bill at once.

Finding new ways to save more money in your budget is important if you want to reach your financial goals. So, just how much money can you save with Billsnip?  It depends on how fast you stop reading and send in your bills.

Do you think you would save money using Billsnip?

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